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Why do Most Bloggers Fail

Nowadays, everyone is starting a blog.

Most bloggers fail in this, so what can be the reason why numerous new bloggers are starting a blog but can not achieve their goals like the other pro bloggers.

most bloggers fail

Like I have also started blogging in 2019. And in the beginning, only I started two blogs, and afterward, in a few months, I also started a blog on technology.

But in this, my two blogs were badly failed as I received traffic on the two blogs but was very low, and users used to get bounced back.

And I left the blog and did not earn a single amount, but the blog which I started in the beginning gave me results, and I also made a fair amount from it, which was estimated at around $1120 in only three months.

But to achieve this amount, I had worked for a whole year on that blog.

But the other two blogs were a complete waste of time and my efforts, so what can be the reason behind this.

So, today, I will be explaining to you why blogs fail.

What are the reasons and what new bloggers make mistakes while starting a blog and in the promotions?

I will be covering this blog in a simple language so you can understand it better.

When I started earning from one of the blogs which I started, in the beginning, gave me results and gained from it.

But the amount which I was making I was not investing in my blog. So what happened after some days on my blog. I got an ads limit on it.

And my earning stopped for that complete month. Which affected me, and I was not working on it for that complete month.

When I started working on it, it retook me a month to recover that traffic for free from social and organic methods.

So always do one thing when you start digital marketing or a blog. Also, make a second earning source after growing the first because anything can happen, and it can get stopped for some time.

So over here the second option of yours can make you money at that time.

I was just relying on ad earning, which was one of my big mistakes in simple words.

But you can start an affiliate on that blog or other platform.

Or start selling your own products like ebooks, courses, a digital product which can be best for beginners to sell.

In your mind, you must be thinking that now most bloggers fail because,

  • There is massive competition in almost every niche
  • Or new bloggers don’t have a useful guide and direction to start a blog.

Let me tell you that these two are not the significant problems that bloggers face because there was a massive competition before.

There will always be competition in any niche and the work you will be doing.

Competition is for those who don’t have the proper knowledge and can not provide something out of the box to their audience.

And if you think it’s a second option, so no, not at all.

As many new bloggers are coming, the old blogger and digital marketer are generating some great content and free courses online for their audience to stay above the other.

Like if you want to learn all about blogging for free, go with Neil Patel, or if you’re going to learn all about branding and social then go with Garvey, these two are providing some useful and informative content from which only I started my blog and social networks and also grew.

So there is enormous content out there in the market from which we can learn, and there is also a complete direction for us.

We need first to invest our time to gather it and start taking action on them and see which is working out for us.

And the same strategy and same growth will not be for you like the others as they are working for a very long time.

So remove these two points from your mind before starting a blog. If you also think that do people read blogs, so see, just now you’re also reading this blog to figure out your questions.

Many people do read the blog now also as there is a massive growth in videos and podcasts in the market nowadays, but blogging has not been dead yet.

Just you need to be updated and work hard on your blog.

A Quick Answer,

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Most Bloggers Fail Because,

  • Not picking a correct niche

By this, they are not able to provide valuable content.

  • Not getting traffic on their blog

Which leads to not earning from your blog.

  • Sometimes not growing their domain authority.

If you want organic traffic, you need to grow your domain authority.

Picking the correct niche.

This is one of the significant factors which you should keep in mind while starting a blog.

When you start a blog, you will not have that amount to hire a freelancer and buy some best SEO tools out there.

As SEO tools are needed if you are a beginner but, when you are picking a completely different niche which you don’t have any ideas, you will need to invest in many different tools.

Like when I started a blog, I did not use any huge investment tools. I used these following tools in the beginning,

After some time, I was using the best two tools, which were Ahrefs and Semrush. 

But when you hire a freelancer, let’s say from Fiverr, you have to pay him according to the work he does.

Then for graphics, then many SEO tools, pilgrimage checker, and more.

If you can not do this, you will need to invest time to learn about that niche and start providing content on your own, which I think is not possible with everyone.

So always go with your personal niche in which you have a piece of in-depth knowledge, plus it should be profitable.

If you want to know how to choose a correct niche and a profitable one, get a detailed guide on this topic now.

If you follow our guide, you will know how to pick a niche and monetize it easily.

With some best methods step by step.

If you make any mistakes over here, your times will go waste like me when I started my blogs back in the beginning.

I had to leave the other two blogs, which were on technology and fashion clothing.

If you have picked a perfect niche for you, now it’s time to drive free traffic on it.

No Traffic On Your Blog

One of the major problems everyone faces is traffic.

If you are getting quality traffic, you can make money or convert the theme into a scale.

So over here, many new boggers fail, and they will leave their blog.

So it would be best if you also worked a lot on promoting your content and driving traffic to it, which should be your next step after adding valuable content.

And when you target the audience according to your content.

They will start liking your blog, and they can also purchase any suggested products of yours.

To drive traffic initially, you will need to use the social account and answer sites like Quora best to get traffic, and Facebook and LinkedIn.

If you want to promote any product, I think Instagram and Pinterest can be best for you.

Start working on different social platforms, see which is working for you best, grow them up, and drive traffic.

This will be, my opinion, if you are tired of seeing your google analytics dashboards with a few visitors.

First, what did I do? I used all the social platforms, I saw, which is working best for me.

I understood how it works, then chose one from it and worked on that single platform only and I was driving a fair amount of traffic from it.

So if you may have visited this page from any social platform only.

But if you want to know how to get free traffic from Quora, Pinterest, and medium, I created a free PDF for you guys.

Get it now for free.

Domain Authority

This is one of the important factors nowadays in blogging. It would be best if you grew your domain authority.

So you can rank on any search engine easily and get organic traffic on your blog.

To do this, you will need to start doing guest posting, and there are also many other methods to grow your domain authority. If you want to learn this in detail, then learn it from Backlinko.

One of the popular websites. Where you will get a detailed guide on backlinks building.

But personally talking about me, I had failed many times to build backlinks as I have some amount of backlinks on my one of the websites.

But it was mostly created because of infographics and images which I had posted on that site.

Plus, I am a little bit lazy in pitching any blogger in my niche because it takes a lot of hard work, which you will have to do.

But if you are facing problems in creating backlinks on your website.

Then learn it from backlinko and provide time for it as it takes time to build backlinks. It’s not a process of one for two months. You will have to pitch and provide value to the blogger.

So these were some points that I think affect many new bloggers. This is my view because when I was working on those two blogs, which were in technology and clothing.

I was not able to add readable content. And second, I was not getting quality traffic as I was completely driving traffic on that website from Pinterest.

Where My daily monthly visitors on Pinterest we’re 2.5 million or more, I think.

From which I use to get 200 clicks on my website daily, they bounce back in 40 to 50 seconds only.

And the last problem was pitching bloggers in that niche for guest posting, which I could not do.

So I left those blogs, and now they are completely inactive.

But see if you learn this method in blogging,

How to write valuable content.

Get free traffic on the blog.

Most importantly, how to grow domain authority.

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