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What Are Best Blogging Tools

Want to start a blog with some best blogging tools. So your work can get a lot easier.

Then know some best blogging tools over here, which will really save your time.

So I will be just adding some of the best and affordable tools for your guys over her.

So let’s know some best blogging tools which are best for beginners.

Best Blogging Tools

Best SEO Tools

To start a blog, you will need a hosting domain. And then have to start with wordpress, which everyone does.

If you want to know how to start a blog at just $70, from selecting a niche to running a blog with free resources, then get a free guide now.

After this, you will have to purchase or use some free seo tools like,

Ahrefs/ Paid SEO tool – This is one of the best SEO tools with plenty of features. But it’s a little bit costly.

Semrush/ Paid – Another best SEO tool with a lot of features. its prices are a little bit cheaper than the first one.

Ubersuggest/Free SEO tool – This is the best free SEO tool with lots of features. I had also personally used this SEO tool for blogging, and now the paid plan of this tool is ten times cheaper than the above one.

Google Keyword Planner/Free – One of the best tools of Google which will help you to find some of the best low competition keywords easily.

So if you want more seo tools guide, I added some top seo tools guide from free to paid tools for you.

Tools To Find Topics

Whenever we start blogging, we will run after the log topic and be confused on which topic to write.

Over here, I will suggest the two best tools to find the topic on which you can write blogs.

There will be so many that you will not run out of topics for at least 3 to 4 months.

Plus, you can use this topic, especially for your social media handles.

So let’s know the top two topic researcher tools,

So this is also one of the best tools to find a topic.

Over here, you will get a free plan by which you can find at least five topics per keywords.

If you want more topic, you can upgrade to the paid plan. And you will quickly get more than 250 topics per keywords.

Which is great because you can write for at least 3 to 4 month easily plus you can go very deeply into making your blog a micro-niche and writing a blog on a particular keyword with many topics.

This is a very fantastic tool where you can find at least 250 topics on a single keyword easily.

I personally use this for my social media, and I always write a post on those topics.

As I quickly get some amazing topics. Then I have to do keyword research on those topics.

Content writing tools

Let’s know some best content writing tools over here; these best content tools will help you to write optimized blogs so you can write on your own and you do not need to spend any amount on freelancers to write content for your blogs.


So this is one of the best tools that provides some best features for beginners to write for their blogs.

This tool offers a free and a paid account, the free version is also best as it has spelling correction and more features.

Plus the paid version is much better as it has more features.

It gives us suggestions and also solutions so we can improve our content quality and it is available for less than $10 a month. So get it now.

  • One of the best tools to write content and correct spellings.
  • If you are using a free Grammarly tool so you should also use the google doc tool.
  • You must try the paid Grammarly version, so your work would be a lot easier and no more low-quality content.
  • It will give you suggestions and replace your words with better ones and give you quality content.

Google docs

Google doc is a free tool by Google, and it is the best tool to write content for beginners to correct spellings, grammar, correcting sentences, and suggesting some better words.

It has features like,

  • Add fonts

If a user wants to write content on docs, it provides the user with several fonts, and more can be added from the add fonts toolbar.

  • Templates 

Why should we settle for less if we are getting some free templates to start writing contents quickly? It also helps to write your blogs easily and well-optimized content.

  • The research tool

It’s a valuable tool if we want to gather information on any topic with the help of the internet, so we don’t need to leave the documents and keep switching tabs.

  • Suggesting Mode

It can correct our words and suggest new words to improve the quality of our content. 

  • Voice typing

A most helpful feature which will save our time, so no more need to keep typing for hours, use voice typing feature and start speaking it will automatically begin capturing the words without any spelling mistakes.


Aweber is an email marketing tool, which helps in creating a mail list,

Sending automated responses and sending emails to subscribers, plus you can see the overall stats and analytics of your email campaigns.

It has Free and a Pro plans, The pro plans start from $17 and can email limit of 500 subscribers and has higher plans, 

The free plan also has 500 limit subscribers and great features.

So this is a highly recommended blogging tool for email marketing.


These were some best blogging tools that you should use, some are free, so some are paid with some best features for beginners to start a blog.

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