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Best Online Course Platforms

An online course platform takes the perspective of the teacher.

It allows the teacher to create online classes or individual lessons in which the teacher uploads educational materials he or she has created using text, image, video, PDF files, and audio.

best online courses platforms

Many of these cloud-hosted software online course platforms are learning management systems geared towards users with access to digital classes.

The occurrence of social distancing has made online course platforms much more popular and is estimated to become a $400 billion industry by 2025.

The decision to use an online course platform has come out of a necessity to which some of us are a little bewildered or taken aback by the many courses out there and how to find the one that is best for you and your students.

Do your research:  

  • Know the needs of your students which is the number one factor in finding the right online course platform. 
  • Pick a platform that gives a professional learning experience.
  • Marketing features.
  • Pricing.
  • Upload your videos, add assignments and quizzes, create interactive content, engage with your students.
  • Create membership communities. 
  • Host live Webinars. 

The best online course platforms are:

Thinkific, Learnworlds, Kajabi, Teachable, Podia, Learn dash, Ruzuku, Academy of Mine, Wiz I.Q. 


Is a massive learning database where students can access unlimited courses.

A simple free plan to get started or $49 a month with membership and bundles.

Thinkific, also has customizable course certificates, custom domains, marketing automation, external features, and full editing code of the site for creators and entrepreneurs.

The Pricing Range.

Basic – $49/month

Pro – $99/month

Premier – $499/month


Creators for this platform are not just about online course creations, but about information business.

Kajabi is best known for email marketing automation in which its counterparts are pre-sale, pre-webinar, drip course, and upsell emails.

It is the best all-in-one software for the information business where its major focus is on sales and marketing and is fully integrated with Stripe and PayPal.

Pricing is based on the number of members you have.

  • Basic – $119/month
  • Growth – $119/month
  • Pro – $319/month


This platform deals more with beginner course creators who want to learn and move fast in the course creation environment.

Teachable is an amazingly easy setup with unlimited bandwidth, students, courses, and coaching services.

It also offers graded quizzes, custom course certificates, and website theme customization.

Their prices range from.

  • basic($29/month),
  • pro ($99/month),
  • business($249/month).


An interactive platform for course creators who want to give their students a unique interaction.

The students are offered interactive videos, gamification, and social media integration, certificates of completion, and free courses along with 24-hour services.

Depending on what your needs are, pricing is from $24 a month starter to $79 pro trainer and $249 a month learning center.

The Pricing Plan Are.

  • Starter – $24/month
  • Pro Trainer – $79/month
  • Learning Center – $249/month


Strictly a webinar, a download, and a membership online course platform where one can deliver their course using images, video, audio files, MP3, PDF, and quizzes.

Podia functions as an online webinar platform in which it hosts live or on-demand.

It offers the opportunity to gain experience with your online community interactions and connect with Facebook Groups.

Strong membership and the ability to increase sales make Podia’s unique course builder features worth the try.

Pricing for Podia is listed as.

  • Mover($39/month),
  • Shaker($79)/month),
  • Earthquake ($179/month).


Mostly known for their recommendable community where Ruzuku not only adheres to being a teaching tool but commits to the students’ learning as well.

Ruzuku is a quite easy online course platform that lets a course creator create a step-by-step online course using their learning platform, PDFs, and text.

Ruzuku pricing is.

  • Bootstrapper($74.75/monthly),
  • Up and Comer($83.08/monthly),
  • University($125/monthly).

Academy of Mine:

Deals in personalization of customized eLearning.

Academy of Mine’s strategy in personalization offers not only set up but the use of their marketing tools and analytic dashboards to help sell your courses.

While creating, managing, and delivering high-quality educational content, Academy of Mine, provides your customers, users, partners, or employees with the tools they need to retain knowledge and training.

Whether it’s continuing education credits or continued required training due to constant changes in state legal statutes, the Academy of Mine is prepared for these changes.

Pricing starts at.

  • Essentials (Simple training $599/month),
  • Professional (Advanced training $899/month),
  • Enterprise (Custom needs).


A quintessential plugin used in WordPress with WordPress sites.

This WordPress plugin LMS is used by some of the biggest sites known to use learn dash.

Its features of focus mode which blocks out distractions for the student and full course builder which integrates well with the email drip schedule is magnificent.

Another feature of LearnDash is its Gradebook Technology that is unparalleled in which students’ overall grades of quizzes and homework weighted averages for review by teachers.

LearnDash is the best LMS plugin that competes with the features of the college curriculum.

Pricing is annual and starts at.

  • basic($159/yr.),
  • plus package (189/yr.),
  • pro package(329/yr.).

Wiz I.Q.:

Offers affordable live online classes.

Live and LMS one course creation, test, and assessments, LMS eCommerce, and eLearning analytics.

Teachers and educators have easy access to virtual classrooms set up interactive.

Wiz I.O. also provides tools for live training like video streaming, discussion boards, and mobile learning.

Their integration involves Moodle plugin, Drupal module, eFront module, Joomla plugin, Virtual classroom API.

  • Wiz I.Q. starts at $25 a month annually.

The fact is that all the best online course platforms offer easy uploads of your content, provide training and marketable sales along with course creation and online teaching.

Consequently, the deliverance of an exceptional learning experience comes down to you and the quality of your content, and the time you take to market yourself.

Choosing a platform that integrates well with others is essential when it comes to email marketing and analytic solutions.

High-end online course features vie with the more affordable best online courses framework; however each meets a specific need that you should know as stated above.

To sum it up, the four best online course platforms are:

  • Thinkific: Online course platform
  • Learnworlds: For Interactive learning 
  • Teachable: For Beginners 
  • Kajabi: High-end information business
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