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Best Email Marketing Services for Small Business (Free & Paid)

Email marketing is one of the best ways to build your audience, quickly to engage with you, and promote your products and newsletters with them just by one click.

Email Marketing Services

So today, we will know some best email marketing services for small businesses. Over here, I will only list the best one I had used personally and will not confuse you to make a decision.

As there are some free email marketing services so some provide some trial period which you can use easily without any cards.

Okay, so

If you want to promote your products, let’s say over here that you want share that product’s offers and all the details in one click to your audience by any email marketing services.

Since you can purchase these tools at a low cost, around $14 per month with (1000 subscribers limit), which is also enough for a small business nowadays.

As we all know now, top social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and youtube will not give your product and post an organic boost that is less than 1%.

When you are posting any offers, they will not pop up in front of all your followers or audience.

But now, emails are used mostly by everyone. And if you learn how to send an automated email with a catchy subject line.

And if you are providing some value, your users will easily enroll with those offers or services.

Plus, over here, you are building your audience.

As I was also not knowing the value of email marketing initially, I also started using email marketing services.

First, I ultimately started for free with the top two email marketing tools.

Which are, Email Marketing Services


One of the best and popular email marketing services for small business.

This tool is the best and very easy to use. Plus, they have mostly all the tools which others offer.

But the best part of these tools was that you are getting a free account with many tools you can use.

It provides,

  • 500 free subscriber limit
  • With campaigns, broadcast for free
  • Free subscribe pages, landing pages

Plus, many more features are included in the free account, which is enough to get started. Plus very easy to use and manage.

If you want to promote your products or any services, go with these email marketing tools.

No need to add your cards.

Just signup and start using these tools for free. Later you can upgrade it easily and also increase your subscriber limit.

The pro version is also best at a low cost.

  • $19 per month
  • $49 for three month
  • $193.80 for 12 month

Plus, a pro plan provides unlimited subscribers, which is best.

With unlimited email options. With the unlimited list profile option.

So this tool is best for beginners as it’s very, very easy to use.

Plus, there are many tutorials out there on YouTube which you can use. So try out these amazing email marketing services now.

Enroll for free and if you are satisfied, then upgrade it as per your budget.


This is also the best free email tool that you can use, but it comes with fewer features and a 1000 subscriber limit.

Over here, if you want to send the only broadcast means a single email to all the subscribers of yours, go with this Convertkit tool.

You will also not need to add any of your cards to sign up with this tool.

I am also using this tool to share my Free  Blogging Setup pdf.

As its subscriber limit is excellent, I found it easy to use, and you can do all the drag and drop processes over here.

You will get,

  • 1000 free subscriber limit
  • Unlimited landing and forms
  • Broadcast
  • Sell digital product and services
  • Email support

Just it doesn’t have the option of the campaign, which is the bad part.

As if you want to share any offer and run a campaign and send an email to subscribers, I can not do that on free account.

But if you upgraded it to pro.

You can easily do all kinds of stuff in a few clicks. Plus, this is also a top-rated platform, which I found out.

So no money to invest in email marketing services go with these tools.

So what you will be getting in the pro version, all the features included in the free version and plan start from 1000 subscribers limit, which will cost around.

  • $29 per month
  • With free migration process
  • Automated funnels and sequences

Plus, there is also their plan, which is the creator pro plan.

That is also a great option which comes with a free and creator feature plan,

  • Start $59 per month
  • Facebook custom audience
  • Newsletter referrals
  • Subscriber scoring
  • Advanced analytic

So this is also the best email marketing service that you can purchase.

As they are providing the free version also so use these tools also and make your decision. It deliver email quickly.

These are some best free email marketing services that you can use as a beginner and run your campaigns or broadcast efficiently with drag and drop processes.

Now, let’s know some best-paid tools.

Get Response

So this is the best-paid tool which I will highly suggest to everyone to use.

It is the very best product with all the needed features for beginners to grow their email list.

Over here, you will get a free trial period of 30 days with all the features.

You will have to upgrade your account to pro, which will cost you $15 per month. If you go with the yearly plan, it will cost you around $12.30 per month.

But this is the best email marketing software which I had personally used.

So you can run your automated email campaigns over here. It’s straightforward, plus they will guide you when you are using this tool.

So start using these amazing tools and start building your brand and get more sales quickly by emails.

So over here there are four plan,

The first plan is of $15 month ($12.30/m Yearly)

  • Autoresponder
  • Unlimited landing page
  • Unlimited lead funnel
  • Sales funnels
  • Facebook and Google Ads

There plus plan is $49

  • Over here, you get a 1000 subscriber limit
  • Sales funnels (5 funnels)
  • Contact scoring ad tagging
  • 3 Users work together
  • 5 Workflows automation builder
  • Webinars

$99 professional Plan

  • Unlimited Webinar funnels
  • Unlimited automation builder
  • Paid webinar
  • Web push notifications
  • Unlimited sales funnels
  • Work together (for five users)
  • Webinar On-demand

Max plan is with a bunch of new features for personalized with a special price.

Constant Contact

This is one of the best email marketing services tools. Startups and big businesses mostly use it.

Over here, you will get some fantastic tools and features to grow your email list and get high email click-through rates also.

I will be personally recommending this tool. Moreover, it starts from $20 per month. With lots of unique features.

Email marketing is used to drive more sales and keep engaging with your audience.

So by this, you will be pitching some useful emails for your subscribers.

They have some powerful email sending tools which will trigger those emails which have not been opened.

Plus many newsletters and welcome email.

This tool is best for beginners.

Plus, you will be getting some of the best e-commerce tools to drive more sales over here.

Plus, you will also be getting social media tools to easily track your growth and engage with your social media audience on Facebook and Instagram easily and send them replies and more.

In simple words, if you start using this tool, your work will be getting a lot easier.

This is the best tool for those who can invest a fair amount from the beginning.

Plus, you will also be getting a free trial period of 30 days without adding any cards.

Okay, so over here are two plans it’s on you and your business.

So first is $20 per month with some best features for beginners.

The second one is the Plus plan of $45 per month for any big business or organization.

Plus, I had also seen this email software being used by pro bloggers.


Sendinblue is one of the top growing email marketing services. You will be getting many features and tools you can use to grow your email list over here.

The best part of this tool is that you can also use this tool for free. And send 300 emails per day.

There are also three more plans, which are pro plans where you will have to pay from $20 per month.

Over here, you get chat features, SMS and emails, the best ways to communicate with your users.

Plus, you can also send your email to the users at the best time. To increase your email, click easily as they have their AI system, which will do this for you.

Sendinblue provides personalized features like marketing automation, CRM, Transaction email and segments.

Best plan will be for you,

  • $53 premium plan
  • Multi-user access
  • Up to 1,00,000 emails
  • Lancing pages
  • Facebook ads
  • Marketing Automation

So these were some best email marketing tools that you can use. I have provided some best and robust email marketing tools, which all the prominent bloggers and organizations use.

So go with these tools; if you don’t have a budget go with the free tools.

If you have some amount to invest, go with the constant contact email marketing tools best with many features for beginners, to begin with.

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