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Best Social Media Platforms

Know some best social media platforms for marketing by which you can quickly grow and make money online.

As social media holds an ideal audience, anyone can easily use them to do their business or marketing of their services and products.

best social media platforms

But now many new platforms are coming plus.

Many platforms have very high competition, so there are many factors and skills you will have to look in to grow.

Like if there are many new platforms and having a good amount of users on them.

Then you can use them and grow organically.

But now let’s take an example of Instagram as it’s an very popular platform.

So it will be hard for a beginner who does not have any knowledge will face problems growing on those platforms.

So over here, you can use many other platforms which can easily give you an organic boost a little bit.


  • Pinterest
  • Linkedin
  • Clubhouse
  • Instagram

There are many more platforms like this that you can use and get organic boost on your content.

So we will be seeing all the top platforms and those, which will be easy for a beginner to grow faster.

Let’s get started,


This is one of the best platforms now for every individual or brand. Over here, you will get many features and options to present your audience with high-quality content in many forms.

Like images, video, reels, and igtv, more features are also included, like guides and stories.

So Instagram will be providing some best features for you.

Plus, over here, you can also convert your account into brand or creator accounts and access many more features where you can see all the stats of our posts.

So Instagram is best, but it will require really the right amount of your time if you can not invest in an ad on instagram.

So it would be best if you learned on the internet how to grow your account faster as now instagram keeps changing its algorithm.

So some experts will teach you all this now for free.

But there are some factors which will really not change.

Which are,

  1. Audience engagement on your posts
  2. How are your audience reacting to it?
  3. Your account stats and growth

Plus, there are also more.

If you have followers, let’s say more than 2,000, but you are getting like less than 40 or 50 means your audience is not engaging with and over here, instagram will not show your content to the followers, so slowly, Instagram will put a shadowban on your account.

If you are starting a startup or a theme page, you should always put some eye-catching content with a complete solution to your audience so they can easily engage with your posts.

To create some eye catching content easily use canva.

Also in the end, you can ask them some questions.

So they will start giving their opinion in the comments section. So this will really increase your engagement rate, and you will quickly grow your account faster.

So always post consistently on your account with engaging content only.


One of the best platforms for organic reach. Over here, you will have to post some eye-catching images on the boards.

You need to be creative and add some eye-catching content.

Over here, you will quickly grow your account in a month only if you start with the correct knowledge.

As over here there are many features but it’s according to the country.

But you can see post images easily and video in all the countries this option is available.

But there are many more features like stories, products, and more features that are not available in all countries and for every person.

So it depends on the account and country.

You can quickly post around 40 to 45 pins per day, which is excellent over here.

Pinterest will give every new creator to rank on their feeds if your pin images or videos are well-optimized videos.

The pin should be a square or best-sized by Pinterest, which is recommended by their official page 1000 x 1500.

So if you optimize your pins properly, you can rank on the feeds.

As talking about me, my pins started ranking in a month only.

And I was posting regularly. But the account got banned because I mostly spammed on Pinterest, which I did not know before.

But still, from those also some pins which the other users saved are still ranking on Pinterest on different keywords.

Please don’t spam on Pinterest and use it properly and get a lot of traffic and sales from Pinterest quickly.

Because I did not know that you should not post multiple pins on a single board with a single link, so this was the mistake.

Plus, I had published more than 3000 pins, which were deleted, but some pins were saved by others which were best for me.

Or my all efforts would have gotten deleted.


One of the best platforms for freelancers and for those who want to grow their business.

Over here, you can get connected with big and small business easily.

As this is a new platform and the content which is on this platform is a little low as compared to others.

So LinkedIn can easily give you an organic boost.

Just be consistent and post more than five pieces of content. And after some time, you will start seeing the results.

As if you want to sell any of your services, use this platform to find clients.

I will recommend these platforms for everyone one who wants to earn a good amount and spread brand awareness.

So start using these platforms and grow your business and audience.


One of the best platforms if you don’t want to spend any amount on promotion to grow over here.

This is best because over here, you need not to reveal your face, just to provide some valuable information to your audience.

Over here you have to add your content in audio format.

Like just start taking on any topic in which you have in-depth knowledge and share it in the clubhouse.

Many big influencer and digital marketers are using clubhouse and growing online.

Start using these fantastic platforms and build your audience without spending any huge amount over here for marketing and promotion.

So these were some best platforms.

I had not talked about the top platform, Facebook, because you must be having a piece of good knowledge about that platform.

Plus, now using Facebook and wanting an organic reach, so now the organic reach on Facebook is completely dead.

Plus, there is the tone of content available on the internet about Facebook.

But it would be best if you learned about Facebook ads as they are very cheap and anyone can afford them.

Just if you have some amount to invest, then only use Facebook ads.

Because over here, you need to learn and start a testing campaign.

So first, invest your time on these platforms if you don’t have any amount to invest.

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