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Most Profitable Blog Niches

Here are some of the best and most profitable blog niches which you can use and earn money online.

Plus get an idea from our post that which bloggers are really earning a good amount from these niches which we had mentioned online.

Just the thing is that most of these niches are very competitive and you will need to work hard to come up with good ideas to grab the audience’s attention.

Since this is the top niche and traffic is also good worldwide to capture and work on, this is why we picked this one.

If you also start using your creativity then you can easily succeed online or else like others’ blogs fail this can happen to you also.

We are not scaring you just reminding you that now blogging is very competitive and you should not rely on anyone’s specific traffic sources online.

Most Profitable Blog Niches

Profitable Blog Niches

So let’s get into it.

Food and Recipes

I had put this one as my first choice since I had also not started this niche blog ever in my life but, this one is the best and very popular niche.

If you love to cook or just want to work from home and use this niche to earn from multiple sources and grab traffic from also multiple sources then this food and recipe niche is the most profitable blog niche now.

First I will tell you why you as a beginner should go into this highly competitive niche.

So newb bloggers after starting their blog in the initial days start lacking with posts ideas.

If you’re in the cooking and food niche and have ideas you will know that over here you can write on multiple ideas easily.

Since in the food niche there keeps coming plenty of recipes nowadays.

So as a new blogger you will not lack out of getting ideas for your blog.

Next, the most important factor is traffic for your blog.

So many new bloggers mostly rely on only one traffic source which is best Google.

But now it’s very hard to rank on Google or any search engine as a bgeinners.

So over here as a new food blogger you can create multiple traffic sources on your own by just sharing your posts and creating content around them on those platforms like,

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Youtube

These are my top four best platforms to drive traffic from rather than depending on only one traffic source which is search engines.

You can easily use these four platforms and drive traffic from them.

Just create high-quality content on them nothing else.

And yes be consistent on all those platforms for that you can use some scheduler platforms and canva best graphic designing tools to do all this work just by the pick and drop process.

If you want to know about the best free scheduler tools then.

Instgram and Facebook use Facebook Creator Studio.

Pinterest And Youtube you can use their own scheduling methods while posting the content easily.

Just if you are creating carousel posts on Pinterest you cana not scheduled that so just post when you want on that day.

Free canva tools are okay but you will have to compromise on the quality and some best amazing elements which are available for the paid version of canva to start with creating easy content for this platform canva is on top for beginners and those who don’t have any idea of graphic designing easily.

Then next you want to know how bloggers earn from their food blogs.

If you don’t trust our research and reports which are also carried out from the internet only.

So you can also search for “food blogger’s income reports” on google and get all the latest and old bloggers earning from it and you can do this for many niches just add the niche name at the beginning and “income reports” at the end.

But there is one blogger Elizabeth! Who runs a blog called Bowl of Delicious. has made $4,259.59 in three months. She had added in her income report click here to view the complete income report now.

Fitness And Gym

This one is the best and very trending niche nowadays as now everyone wants to stay fit and in this niche, there is plenty of affiliate network which are easy to excess plus with numerous products listed around this niche, so it’s best for beginners now.

Like if you want you will have to write some detailed points and blog posts if you are giving health tips you should have a piece of detailed information as it can affect anyone’s health.

As we had also heard google also pushes articles that are written by authorized coaches and nutritionists in the fitness industry.

So before writing anything or suggesting any consumer products have complete information and be aware of those with your reader also.

But if you are selling any equipment or have joined any big coaches or nutritionist affiliate programs you just have to promote those products and earn from them the best commission and many new bloggers also do this.

That product is most popular and trusted by the buyers also.

So just do your detailed in-depth research and then start with it as over here there are products from the cheap range to very high rates products online for you to promote and any new affiliate marketer also uses this niche only in the beginning to start with.

Next for the traffic, you can use the first social network which we had mentioned before in the food and recipe niche.

Over here also this niche is highly popular on Pinterest, Instgram, and Facebook.

So you can share your content there and drive traffic from it like many new bloggers do to earn from these most profitable blog niches nowadays online.

Over here the most popular fitness niche blog is Love Sweat Fitness which is very popular and has around,

  • 452K followers on Instagram
  • 731K subscribers on Youtube
  • 116.5k followers on Pinterest

So just think about it how much she must be made from her blog and youtube and also instgram sources.

Sine she is not depnded on one paltforms and useing multiple paltforms eaisly.

So you can also do this with your blog and other platforms online now and make from this amazing profitable blog niche since she is using Pinterest with good followers and monthly views which were upto 1 million and this all traffic goes here blog only in the end from Pinterest.

So start now with fitness ad Gym niche.

Blogging And Money Niche

Over here you can just start a blog on all of your experiences which you have about online earning and methdos that you have must be tried.

Like start writing posts on all those topics which were used by you in some, you must have succeeded so failed also just start talking about those on your blog.

I personally started a blog around this and also earn around $2500 in a year.

Since I got to know about the best traffic methdos after some detailed research and months.

Where I had just written top articles only 39 on that blog and made a good amount from only AdSense in that year, not any affiliate network.

I could also have made a good amount by affiliate but not have that information at the beginning and little bit lazy also at that time.

Money making blog really worked well for me and I had just written about the result just and I have gotten results at the beginning of the year only.

I see on the internet there are several blogs on these niches and earn around $100k also per month.

As this blogging niche is really highly profitable but very very competitive like others.

Over here you need to work really hard and have to be creative on other social platforms or you can just build links and then traffic from google or another search engine easily Pinterest is also best for traffic around money-making niches.

So just give it a try and start earning now.

On the internet came to a blog adamenfroy who earns more than $100k a month in 3 years only.

So can you imagine the point of this niche and earning.

So these were some of the best and most profitable blog niches which you can use now to start making money from now online.

I had just added this one because it will be a little bit easy and many want to know about these niches in detail.

So now it’s all on you how to start this and how you can grow on your own easily online in this huge competition.

Just remember don’t depend on anyone’s particular traffic sources and start creating content on, multiple platforms for your blog.

In the end, be creative and attract your readers in the first few words nowadays.

Thank you also check out our other new and old blog posts where we had talked about the earning methods free blogging methods and tools to start with which made my work easier now in the beginning online.

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