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How To Write A Blog Post By Easy 8 Steps

Starting a blog is easy nowadays as there are many methods to do this easily.

But after this, you will face problems in producing content for your blog, plus you will not have the proper knowledge to write a perfect blog.

As many face a problem over here, and I personally also faced this situation. Many also face this problem as if they are working on their own.

Because writing a blog post that is informative and will not bore your reader should be our goals.

Then all the readers will stick to your blog, and it will be profitable for them and us also.

So always try to write informative and decent joey full articles.

How To Write A Blog Post

So now, let’s know how to write a blog post.

Follow these steps while writing a blog,

  1. Have proper knowledge about that topic.
  2. Use tools to find the exact keywords
  3. Craft a unique and click-worthy title
  4. Make points of that topic
  5. Use Grammarly and google doc to write the blog
  6. After this use similar content tool
  7. Add images and infographic or attach video
  8. Keep on updating your content

Have proper knowledge about that topic

Whenever you will start writing a blog, you should first have a deep knowledge of that topic. Which you can easily find out on the internet.

First, go and read some blogs which are out there on the internet for those specific keywords. Then, read at least four to five blog posts.

After this, you will get a piece of basic knowledge about that topic, and you can also improve your blog and provide some extra value for your readers.

You should not try to write lengthy blogs but should provide some valuable points or add some storytelling lines.

This is what I personally do on most of my blog posts.

So always member this points,

  1. Have deep knowledge from the beginning.
  2. Read at least four to five pots on that topic.
  3. Provide value and make it joyful for your readers.
  4. Please don’t write anything to make it lengthy.

Use tools to find the exact keywords

After knowing on which topics you want to write your blog, you will need to find the exact low competition and keywords with high search volume.

By this, it will be easy for you to rank your posts higher on any search engine easily.

Finding the right low competition keywords should be probably done by any seo tools out there in the market.

Then, you can use it as per your budget and start finding the low competition keywords for those blog posts and some similar keywords you can use.

For this, you should use tools like,

So these are my top four recommendations for you to find the exact keywords. Mostly all the new and pro bloggers use these tools to find keywords and do all their SEO activity.

I personally have used these four seo tools. First, I always started with the google keywords planner and ubersuggest.

Then moved and used tools like ahrefs and semrush. Plus, the tools moz its chrome extensions are best to track our domain authority and check the links on our websites.

Its free version is also enough and best.

Craft a click-worthy headline

Now it’s time to craft a unique and click-worthy headline for our articles.

If someone goes on the internet and searches for any terms, they will first look at your headline, which is your blog’s title appearing on the search engine.

So to catch people’s attention in blogging, you need to add a unique and click the worthy title. Which is also easy just have to keep on testing some amazing and unique title.

Or get some ideas from your competitors, which all do.

Also, follow these steps,

  • Add the main keyword in the starting.
  • Use some eye-catching words for that topic.
  • Always add the date or year in the title.
  • Make it short, so it will not break out.

So follow these steps and craft your title preferably for your readers and search engine to understand preferably.

Make points on those topics.

Never write long lengthy paragraphs.

Try avoiding this, as no one likes to read long paragraphs. Instead, try to write paras of one to two lines.

And break those into points so your readers will understand it betterly, or they will not get the right information, and they will be confused.

You can break this info h2 and h3 heading, which can be best. Over here also gives some unique and interesting h2 heading.

So they will be interested in your blog and will spend more time on your website.

Over here, keep this in your mind,

  • Write short paragraphs.
  • Break them into h2, h3 or h4 heading.
  • Bold out some interesting points in your blog.

So while writing a blog, keep these points in your mind. And start writing your article with short and readable points.

So your readers will not be bored while reading your articles and will stay on your website for a longer time.

This is what Google is also looking for.

Use Google Doc and Grammarly

If you are a beginner or want to write all the blogs on your own.

Then you should use these two amazing tools to write your blog. Both are free tools that you can use.

I have personally used these two tools and am still using this amazing tool.

Over here you will see all the mistakes which you have made and get some suggestions for your sentences.

Grammarly – Is one of the best tools to write blogs and articles for beginners.

Over here, you will get a free account, plus they have a paid premium subscription. This is best for a beginner because it makes work a lot easier.

Plus, it’s not that costly also.

Google doc – This is one of the free methods to write a blog.

It is used mostly by everyone. It is very easy to use and shows all the mistakes we have done in our articles.

You should definitely use this if you are using the Grammarly free account. As it will be best, all the mistakes that are missed by the Grammarly tools will pick it up easily.

I still use this tool, google doc, to edit my blogs sometimes as it’s very easy because of these tools.

So these are the best two tools which you can use to write your blog post easily.

I am also using these amazing two tools to write my articles as it makes my work a lot easier and I can also improve my writing by these two amazing tools.

Similar Content Tool

This is one of the best tools to check if your blog posts are optimized for ranking or not.

Over here, you will get all the suggested keywords which you should use in your blog. With these tools, you will easily optimize your blog post.

In addition, you will get all the subtopics for your blog pots, plus they will also show you the ranking prediction according to your article.

This tool has the free version. You can add a single blog in a day, plus if you buy the premium package, you can easily edit or add ten new posts per day.

Get It Now

Use images or infographics or attach some youtube videos.

Try to add as many as images and infographics in your blog posts.

By this, you can easily rank your blog also. Furthermore, by adding many images and infographics, your readers will also understand what you want to tell them easily.

You can create images and infographic easily by,

These two tools I use mostly to create all my images, infographics, and videos.

By canva, my work gets a lot easier. If you don’t want to do this work, you can hire someone on one of the best freelancing sites.

As they charge from $5 for any work related to graphic graphics especially.

So it’s on you to completely add some best and creative images and infographics to your blog.

Keep on updating your content.

Always update your old posts. You can add some extra new points or edit some of your mistakes that you must have missed out.

By updating your content, you can push your content for a higher ranking as google loves the posts, which are updated daily.

What you should update in your blog post,

  • Update some points and mistakes.
  • Add some extra paras which you think you have missed out on.
  • Try to update your images or infographics.

So these are some points that I also update in my blog posts. It depends on you what else you want to update in your articles.

So now you must have got an idea about how to write a blog. So always provide value and add some media files in your blog article.

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