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How To Use Quora To Get Targeted Traffic

Quora One of the best platforms for a beginners blogger or affiliate marketer.

Because over here, you will be getting targeted traffic by which you can start earning money online by various methods.

I am personally using Quora and driving efficiently 10K plus visitors per month.

How To Use Quora To Get Targeted Traffic And Make Money

On my brand new blog,

One of the best answering platforms with a high amount of traffic.

Over here, users ask many questions on which they are looking for answers.

You can also add your own question or answer any other problem and redirect them to the solution.

First, just you have to explain to them about their queries, and then you will have to redirect them for detailed information on your blog.

Which I personally do.

Over here, you can target all around the world and any niches easily.

Quora partner program?

Over here, you can also make money by Quora by its Quora partner program, where the threshold is also very low, up to $10.

But I think the Quora partner program is not worth it.

Because over here, you will require a good amount of engaging followers on your Quora space.

So for that, you will need to work hard.

And add some valuable content to your Quora space.

Then invite many other Quora users in your niche to contribute some valuable information for your readers.

By this, your earning can be increased as Quora will pay you a small amount from the ads they are running on those spaces.

But Quora spaces are also best to drive some amount of massive traffic on your blog.

Know the best methods to drive massive traffic on your new blog for a longer time.

Answer Question?

One of the best ways to drive traffic on your website or any product is to start writing as many answers as you can.

Try daily to write at least one answer on Quora.

By Quora, only you can quickly drive massive traffic on your blog.

Why is quora best because?

Some of the quora questions are ranked on many search engines, plus vast traffic is sometimes generated from Quora.

So if you start writing answers to some best questions which are ranking on search engines like google, you can target some high numbers of users. Plus a targeted use on Quora.

So how to find the top ranking question on the search engine of Quora.

  • First, use the tool Semrush.
  • Over here, go and add
  • Then you will have to visit the organic search of Quora.
  • After this use, the filter add the keywords which are in your niche.
  • Then you will get many top-ranking keywords and the question link.

Start writing answers on those ranking questions on the top in your niche to target them efficiently.

After finding a question, just save them.

You will have to format the answers, and you will write in the correct methods to target most of the audience and convert more audience on your blog or product as we are using Quora for this reason only.

If you make a mistake over here after some time, your question will get deleted on which you have written answers.

So just be careful, invest your time and then start writing the answers.

So over here you will require two tools both are free and paid methods are also available.

How To Write Answer Properly

First, give your answers an excellent eye-catching heading. And create an interest in one line.

After this, start an intro with 100 to 150 words.

Then add eye-catching images after the first short paragraphs.

Then start writing with short paragraphs and breaking them into points.

After this, in between, also add some images or infographics. Or use youtube videos.

Add some more points in short, simple words.

And most importantly, try to write answers of 1000 to 1500 words.

Add your link, always add a single link, or there are more methods which I will tell you now.

How to add links in a Quora question.

So you can add a single link, which is okay as I also do this. But those answers don’t get that vast of views.

So over here, you can add a link in this format (digital(dot)com).

Or if you are promoting any product or services. So mostly, you will have to add a single link of that landing page.

Just add the link to your Quora bio. And just write a single line in the answer and tell then to visit your Quora bio. Which i personally do.

By this, you will get the targeted readers and buyers who are really interested to know more.

Plus, you will get a more targeted audience on your blog easily.

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