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5 Easy Steps To Start A Blog Which I Learned From Professional

Starting a blog online is relatively easy nowadays. You can quickly start a blog with a small investment also online.

Over here, you can learn all about blogging and SEO for free.

So it will be easy for you to understand what is definitely blogging and how you can start it, plus make money from it online.


But before starting it, ask yourself if you want to start it as a business or are just starting it as a side income or your hobby.

If it this your hobby to write content online on any great topic, you can easily earn online.

But if you want to make this a full-time business. Then there are many more elements which you have to learn and invest in.

Invest will be off time and money also.

Invest will be off time and money also.

In blogging, several are earning a mind-blowing amount, which you may not also be assuming off that ($1,000 or $10,0000 ) can be achieved online.

This amount is earned by professionals who are making blogging a full-time business and starting up it as a brand online.

be professionals

To start a business as a blogger nowadays, there is no right information available on the internet for free. This means you can get that online-only. You will have to invest your time first to gather it.

There is information on the search engine, but it’s mostly old, like those published 2 to 3 years back.

Plus, they just are talking about the basics of how to start a blog.

implement it

So you will have to implement it. Have to see its analytic that how it’s working for you. 

Like the pros are having their blueprints to scale their blogs. Since those are pros and operating as a blogger for a longer time, to survive for a beginner is hard.

Over here, get that valuable information now for free. And start blogging online. Just remember to do something different from your competitors, which you will know in a while.

Disclaimer: Over here, I had used some affiliate links, which will provide me a small commission, but it will not cost you any extra amount. All are the best source, which I am recommending you over here to start your blog quickly. 

5 ways to start a blog

  • First, pick your profitable niche (topic)
  • Then gather all the resources required for a blog
  • Learn how to write content
  • Know all about SEO
  • Learn how to grow your domain authority

These are steps that you will have to follow to start a blog online in the right direction. You can easily do this on your own.

As just you have to use some tools and services to create your blog.

The investment will also be less than $100 to run your blog throughout the year.

I am just talking about the tools for creating a blog for now.

If you want to scale your blog as a business, then the investment will be more than $500 to $800 per year. This also with some free tools to do research.

But by starting a blog, you can start earning a passive income in your life.

You can easily quit your job and work as a freelancer from home whenever you want and make a tremendous amount of your salary.

Just it takes time, but it is very best to invest your valuable time in blogging.

If you have not purchased your web hosting yet, then get your best deals from Bluehost or Hostinger. Over here, you will get your first domain for free.

First, pick your niche (topic)

One of the most critical steps which you will have to follow. By picking a profitable niche, it can help you to succeed easily online.

Since you should have detailed knowledge about that niche to provide some useful information for your readers.

pick your niche

Like over here, you should start working on a topic in which you talk a lot or share the value to others.

You must have learned that or must be reading or working on those topics in your life for a longer time.

So this was for those who require to start a blog as a side income or love to write online.

Over here, you will be choosing a blog niche that you love to do. So to monetize your blog, you will have to look out for sources online.

Like which programs are offered to earn by that XYZ niche. So this can be quickly discovered out nowadays.

I will also be adding that up in a while, how to find the best affiliate networks for any blog.

how to pick niche

Here is commonly told by all the gurus online. That how your niche should be, and it’s correct also.

If you are a beginner, you will not have that amount to invest in starting a blog and hiring a freelancer to do your work in any other niches.

My short story about how I failed to choose a niche if you wish you can skip this

I love to talk about two topics ( how to earn online ) and ( best clothing site or the best place to purchase shoes ) as I love to talk about these two topics.

But I had more information on making money online because I use to look out in my school days to earn a little more amount from somewhere, so I use to do freelancing and run YouTube channels.

But I did not earn a considerable amount from this.

Plus, I am also having my sites on ( clothing and shoes ). But I failed over here. Since I just had a little bit of information than I thought.

And my sites also had all the potential to make from the affiliate. Plus, some ad networks.

Just the thing which I couldn’t do over here was, provide the right content for my readers.

But I could succeed if I would have hired some to write content for that blog.

Since it can be quickly done if you have an extra budget, now freelancers are available on Fiverr who are ready to write SEO optimized blog at low rates.

But soon, I am recently thinking of working on this site as I have already added some content, and I also have a desire to make something from it.

Sometimes, we think that we are having all the knowledge to start a blog can also be failed online.

Moreover, you can also leave that blog like me. Because of no results online.

So I started this site; over here, I write about how to start a blogfreelance, and many more things as I can quickly write on my own by using some best tools like Grammarly.

Moreover, this was easy because I am doing this freelancing for a longer time, and I was also earning in this field for an extended period.

So I had the experience to provide my reader with the right content.

But this niche had the potential to make a fair amount online.

Like over here, I have numerous ways to earn also. First, I only knew about placing ads over here.

After some time, I got ideas of some of the best high commission affiliate networks.


But now let's talk about how to pick a blog niche to do a business.

In the end, your niche should be profitable, plus it should have some best sources to monetize. Plus, you should know how to provide your readers what they want in a simple method in detail.

gather all the resources required for a blog

Over here, we will have to gather all the resources to start a blog online. We will have to pick good web hosting and a domain.

The best web hosting which I personally use are,

Bluehost– If you want this, you can purchase it. It has all the features which you need to start a blog at a very cheap rate. $2.95/Month

Hostinger – This one is also best if you want just to start a primary blog. Plus this little bit cheaper than the first one. $1.99/Month


I am personally running my blogs on these two web hosting. First, I had also used the Siteground hosting plan just now.

Their prices are very high, to $9.99 per Month. If you require, that can also be the best option.

Over here, in this top-two hosting, you will be getting your first domain for free.

But if you want to know all about the resources which will be required or how much it will cost to build your website with all the necessary tools like, plugin, theme, marketing software and more. Then get a complete detailed guide on this.

Over here, we will be seeing the importance of best hosting and how to pick the right domain name for our blogs.

So there are now many options available in the market for you to purchase. You will get different types of web hosting in the market.

Some prices will be high, so some will be offering at a low rate.

But if you really want to start a blog as a business. Then you will require the best hosting with all the features and services.

Providing the best speed plus uptime, with the excellent security system, they should also offer your backups and the most critical customer care support.

This plays the leading role if you face any problem in the feature to access your sites, then customer care support is required.

First look at the speed

Whenever choosing a hosting, you should always look at the speed first because everyone likes the site to get loaded fast as your site should be loaded in 2 sec.

If your sites can not load faster, you may lose your audience. And there will be a tremendous bounce rate on your sites. Like when we visit google and want to access any site from a google page, we want that site to load in seconds only.

Website time loading can also be affected by several other problems like storing your site or the server’s speed. You likewise have to choose a fast loading theme.

Customer Care Support

Suppose you are sometimes in a situation where you can not access your sites for any reason or can not log in to your dashboard.

You should then know how to fix it on your own, or your hosting provider should help you resolve this issue.

So you will need 24/7 customer care support for these issues. Like many hosting companies nowadays are providing support to their clients. So it would help if you likewise looked at this factor.


This is also one of the essential factors. Suppose you want your site to be safe from hacker’s hands.

Your hosting provider should also have a robust security system.
Like now, every site uses an SSL certificate, which forms a layer between your site and the browser.

SSL is essential if you require your site to be indexed in a search engine or sell any product on your sites or while receiving payments.

There are several other options likewise available in the market which you can use to secure your site.


One of the most important factors also. Your sites should have daily backups or at least weekly backups.

By this, your sites can be quickly recovered if there are any issues or someone has hacked your sites.
If your hosting company is providing you backups, then only you should make a purchase.

This is very important nowadays. Because when your site starts growing, there will be numerous people trying to hack your website data or erase it.

So backups will help you here.

Migration ( optional )

I am considering this point because you will be trying to shift to a new web hosting provider.

Will he provide your site migration for free or not. Because once I had to move my sites from one host to the other.

They helped me with all my websites get migrated from the old server to the new one at no cost?

Some hosting providers will charge you, but many will be providing you these services for free with no issues with the same growth of your site.

This was just for those who want to change their hosting providers.

Okay, so these were some points which you should look at before purchasing hosting.

Plus, the hosting that I had recommended is providing these services, plus you can also expand them in between too quickly.

So get your best deal now at Bluehost or Hostinger.

Over here, the best part will be you will be getting your first free domain, which nearly costs $14 per year.

But these two hosting companies are providing for free.

So while picking a domain, you should always choose a domain in your niche or by your name.

Just don’t pick any domain which does not make sense.

How to pick a domain

So while picking a domain by your name best part are,

If you are just starting and require to also write on some other topic. You can quickly write if the domain has your name.

This mean’s it will not be considered niche-specific. Over here, you can also add up in between different topic content, which will quickly get a blend.

  • If you are confused in the beginning, then only purchase it by your ( )
  • If you want to build your brand or business online, you can also use your name.

A niche specific domain

If you don’t want to use your name in the domain and know what you’re going to exactly be providing to your audience, then go with that niche-specific keyword.

Over here, it will be hard for you to find an exact niche keyword.

So you can just play with the words and get your domain equaling to your topics.

The best part of this will be.

  • The reader will know what you are exactly be talking about and can also visit other pages. If your domain is on marketing and your landing page has provided useful information, they can again read for different posts.
  • But your domain should sound simple and should be easy to pronounce.

Over here, as you can see, I am using a niche-specific keyword in my domain. But I can also write on many other topics like best tools and software for my audience.

A quick method to signup with Bluehost

This was the step to join Bluehost hosting. Then you will have just to add WordPress.


After this, install WordPress on your site.

It is a one-click process. You will have to pick a theme, and you can customize it later on.

You can change the theme afterward if you want.

Then you will have to add up some plugin.

I had added a detailed guide about all the best plugins for SEO, Website speed, Building a Homepage, and many more to optimize your blog for free.

So check it out once.

Then the most important setting is for the permalink which you will have to do.

Wordpress setup 1
  • First, go to the WordPress dashboard,
  • Then click on setting and Permalinks,
  • If you want, you can pick as per your choice, but I recommend you ( Post Name ) used by everyone in the link.
Wordpress setup 2

Then go to general in setting only.

  • Then over here, you can add your Site name,
  • Add your site tagline,
  • If you want, you can check the anyone register option if you wish to anyone to create an account on your site,
  • Then add HTTPS if it is not showing up,
  • Change the new user default role as you want. I keep it on subscribe, which is recommended.

Okay now, your blog is ready. Just now, you will have to add up content and add some pages on your blog.

It was effortless to create a blog nowadays.

Learn how to write content

After creating your blog, and if you are finished designing it, start adding up all the content on your blog.

Writing content can be a little bit hard for you in the beginning. But don’t worry, there are several tools available in the market which can help you.

I am also personally using those tools to write content on my blog. With those tools, I can quickly write an SEO optimized blog.

It corrects my grammar, spelling, and all the incorrect sentences.

The best tool to write content is Grammarly.

You can get these tools for free also. But if you want some extra feature or are weak in writing a blog, then purchase the pro plan.

Just don’t use any article spinning tools to write your blog. It is not worth it nowadays.

So first you should know how to add keywords in your blog post correctly

  • First, use the main keywords in your Title, Slug, and Meta Description.
  • Then you should use the keyword in the permalink and don’t add any ( year ) in the permalink.
  • Next, add it to your SEO title in the beginning.
  • Then use it, in the beginning, first 150 words.
  • After this, add the main keyword in the h2 or h3 heading.
  • Use the main keywords in your image alt text—an essential step to follow.
  • Also, add up some text in your images which you will be using.
Your keyword should at least get added up to 8 to 10 times

When you start writing the content, you should just not stuff your keywords using them in proper ways.

This means in your 100 words, at least add one keyword. Or if you are writing a lengthy blog, then it will get added several times.

Just don’t stuff the keywords. Your keyword should at least get added up to 8 to 10 times in a lengthy blog, which can be more than 4000 to 5000 words.

Let us take this blog example if you can see the keyword ( start a blog ) added up in the Title, Link, and in the first 100 words.

If you want to, just check this quickly. Just press (ctrl + f) and then add ( start a blog ) and see how many times it appears.

Now you have known how to add up keywords in your blog post. But there are many other keywords you should also look for and the other blog’s formation.

Okay, so let’s go to google and search for our main keywords.

Now let’s take a keyword (earn money online). It’s a viral keyword with high competition.

earn money online

It is showing some other keywords also which many users search on google.

These are long-tail keywords, so you can add them up in paragraphs or by answering them in the Q&A section efficiently.

  • Then look for the top ranking website and see how they have added their content.
  • See how many times they have used the keywords.
  • Look at their guide and try to add the missing points.
  • If the content is old, then update it on your blog and provide updated content for your reader.

So what is the meaning of providing something different than our competitor’s content? This is my opinion.

  • So don’t start with explaining the same points as others do.
  • First, in the beginning, try to provide them with what they want and the primary keyword which is mainly targeted for.
  • Means just don’t write about “how to earn money online” or “ways to earn money online” title.
  • Write about “genuine ways to earn money online.” With a complete step by step process from signup to making bucks out of it.
  • Or give them any free pdf of top online jobs. For free in the beginning.
  • Plus, add up some images or videos also in the starting an eye-catching content in the starting of the blog.
  • Plus, just try to provide them the exact solution in one place. By this, what will happen is they will start engaging with you.
  • Add up some extra points after completing the one queries.
  • Moreover, also add up some YouTube videos in an HTML form according to the topic. So they can have an exact solution for it.

Just know one thing when you will be learning all about how to start a blog online. You will not be doing everything correctly in one action only.

It will take time to write the content; there will be some mistakes too. But that can be modified later on. So don’t get worried and start to create content on your blog now.


Know all about SEO

SEO search engine optimization is one of the best methods to get free traffic to your website by doing all the right things which it takes.

If you want to rank your website higher, you will need to optimize your site first.

Over here, we will be first trying to rank on the popular search engine like Google, which is used by everyone worldwide.

If you can rank your website on google, then you can be a successful blogger online.

It takes time to get the results as this is a long-term method we will have to do. You have to work recapitulates.

But you should likewise know that SEO is just not to optimize your content to rank higher there are also many other factors which are involved in this like,

  • Branding
  • Content
  • Your content designing
  • Website designing
  • Public reactions

Start working on this also and optimize your website well.

These means see if your website is desktop and mobile-friendly. Like, are all the elements and popups visible and clickable for the users.

Then you will have to provide valuable content with main focused keywords. Plus, it would help if you also interlinked them properly.

It would help if you also linked to other websites which you think so. If you are using other content like infographics, images, or video, then provide them the credits with adding up a proper link.

We also talked about how you should use the keywords and how many times they should be used in your blog.

Then check your site speed if it’s loading in 2 seconds or not. Next, start working on it.

Use some best plugins to optimize your site speed. Or compress your images and other big files.

You can also use CDN to speed up your website time and quickly, just it’s a paid tool that you will have to purchase.

So, in the end, you will have to just optimize your content as per the Google guidelines. Therefore they can easily rank your content fast.

It is just all about giving time, and you will have to track your growth.


One of the most important factors is that you will have to do link building. Which we will be talking about now.

This is one of the significant points which you will have to follow to get a result faster.

By link building, you can easily rank higher than others.

But it’s hard nowadays to build a link on a new blog if you are a beginner.

By this, your website builds trust for google to rank it. Google always wants to provide trustworthy content for its audience.

You will have to spend lots of time on this as it’s not an easy factor now. Many new bloggers get disappointed over here only.

And they leave their blog because they lose hope after some time.

grow your domain authority

Nearly we talked that growing your domain authority will take time. But it’s worth it.

If your domain authority is increased, you will start ranking higher on Google or any other search engine.

By this, your domain will be authorized and will have the trust to get ranked higher easily.


Best ways to increase your domain authority.

HARO one of the best site to contribute

Over here, you can easily do guest posting for different blogs and topics.

HARO provides people that need content. For those who want content from others and they will just provide you the credits efficiently.

You can easily signup as they also have a free plan. Over here, you just have to provide valuable content to the clients.

Only your content can get accepted since there will be many other users who will be submitting their content.

So try to write differently from others in detail.

So how to start working over here,

  • First, go and just click on the “source” tab.
  • Then you will see their plan, just choose the free one that is also enough.
  • You will have to keep an eye on your email; you will see all the topics and sources over here.
  • So start writing as per the topic which is mentioned in the email.

Over here, you will have to match their needs and provide what they are asking for in the mail.

You get at least two to three days to provide them your pitches.

Start building in-depth content

If you start writing content in-depth, then you can quickly start getting backlinks too.

By this method, you will have to write a complete guide on your niche topics.

Suppose you provide all the values in your blog. Then it can quickly get viral on the internet, and many will start linking back to you.

Many pro bloggers use these tricks like I have got this trick from the top blogger Backlinko.

He also had shown his analytics on how he got the link from a different authorized blog by writing in-depth.

Use multiple high-quality Images and Infographics

So this is also one another best way to attract users to your blog.

By providing high-quality images and infographics, several will start sharing them on their blog.

You can also create this easily nowadays by using some tools like Canva, free to use.

Plus, they also have their pro plan with lots of full features for a beginner to easily create high-quality images and infographics.

Broken Link Building

This is quite a fantastic trick to build backlinks nowadays. Many pros have suggested these tricks to build links.

So over here I will explain to you in easy methods.

  • You just have to search for your topic blog on the internet.
  • Then you have to use a tool called. Check MY Links, which is available for free in chrome extension.
  • Just run the tool and see the broken link.
  • If there are any broken links on their posts.
  • You just have to mail them that the XYZ link is broken in your post.

They can also add up your link if they want. Or you can pitch them with any other guest post if they agree to.

Over here, we have to help other bloggers and see if they can help us link back.

Many are using this trick and pitching their mail as per their ideas. You can also do this.

Grow your domain authority

But my final thought on link building

This is not as easy as we think. Over here, we have to use our minds to increase our domain authority.

Plus, Google just doesn’t want that your site should be linked to any XYZ website.

They want that your site has useful content, plus it should have the capability to solve their audience queries.

Many over here do one thing wrong is that they purchase links. Which is very bad as this will never help you.

You should have the capacity that others should link to our site because you provide value to them, which is what Google is recognizing.

So don’t just create any link. It will take time. Plus, it’s worth it.

If you are thinking about the traffic, there are also several other ways to get quality traffic.

Just the traffic should come from the exact reader. Use the social and answering site to get traffic in the beginning.

Complete Infographics

If you love our work feel free to share it on Pinterest or any other platforms.

Grow your domain authority

Now its time to monetize your blog.

So get a detailed blog on some best quick monetization methods by Ads network and Affiliate network by which you can easily make $1200 to $2000 per month.

Free Blog Setup Guide


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