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Over here, we will be working on those blog in which, there is a chance of earning a ( $0000 to $00000 ) amount in a month.

This vast amount will not be achieved in a month or half a year. It will take at least a year to reach for ( $0000 ) amount.

But think about it seating at your home relaxing and earning in your comfort. Is this not great?

Since 9 to 5 jobs can not make you rich. If you perform well also, you will get promoted, and your salary may be a little bit high.

But earn in your comfort zone whenever you want this is best. 

These niches are very easy to find, and you will quickly get all the knowledge for it online only for free.

You have to use your mind to grow them and do a little bit different for the others.


Start working on these niches if you want, these are some best profitable niches to work on.

So how your niche should be,

  • Potential of your audience purchase
  • It should be first profitable niche
  • It should have a high search volume
  • Then there should be many affiliate networks

Potential of your audience purchase

So while starting a blog, you should know about your audience and what are they looking for. So this is the primary purpose.

If your audience is getting the right information that they can not find else, they can easily engage with you.

If you solve their queries quickly, they can also make any big or small purchase you are recommending them.

First, keep in mind that you will have to fill out their queries while searching for a profitable niche and find a solution for them.

Just ask yourself what were the question around you while starting a blog.

Like you must have got all the information from online or by any course. What prevented you from getting the results like others and how you ended up finding a solution for it.

Like when you want to start a blog, you must have found these points easily online.

  • How to get the best web hosting
  • which are the best website builder
  • How to run an e-commerce store
  • Which are the best tools to do SEO
  • How to create eye-catching sites
  • How to write a good blog

You must have easily got access to these blogs, and you may have done this all things in a couple of days, online.

But you must be looking for this kind of topic for more than a month,

  • How to increase your domain authority
  • How to get traffic on a new blog
  • Where to do a guest post
  • High CPC keywords strategy
  • How to build your email list

These queries answers must have taken a long time to find. So like this, you will have first to think which are the problem of your reader.

Plus which queries are not readily available online at cheap rates or for free. Then start generating articles on those topics only.

I also had many problems when I started blogging I was adding up content. But could not get the traffic on my blog.

So, in the beginning, went with the free social traffic plus I was also receiving some organic traffic.

But I quickly made $250 to $300 per month by that free traffic.

If you want to know about that, I had designed a small course where I explain that source and the time management required for it to get that traffic as per the niches.

Let’s take this example to earn,

When we get the idea or the solution for that niche, you can also start selling some PDF, e-book, or course of own to your readers online. Like I am doing.

By this, you can start giving services and get many clients ready to pay you a fair amount online. This will be helpful for your blog.

Essentially in the starting three to six months, it will be hard for you to get high traffic.

But let’s say if you are getting at least 1000 to 2000 organic visitors, you can get clients from it at least 2 to 3 for a month.

They will pay you a fair amount for a longer time.

So this is why you should always pick the topic according to the audience’s purchasing rate.

Many new and old bloggers are earning from this only. The response is this; there are numerous free and low budget courses available on the internet nowadays.

Again by this amount, you can start growing your main blog, which will help you.

This question must be in your mind that why will someone take services from me?

So what you can do in starting to provide them with something free guide on your blog. In systematic ways. Like designing the guide very well, its formation. And the focus should help them for free.

You can do this by the best tool, which is Canva.

If your readers love it, they will undoubtedly contact you and start working in many different ways.

Just it’s on you how you are thinking out of the box.

Pick a profitable niche

This is one of the most important things that we should keep in mind: your niche profitable. Can we make money online which we want to? 

Does it have that potential? If yes, then start working on it. That can be your favorite topic also. Look at the above chart and find out which is the best niche for starting a blog.

Now profit can be earned by many methods online.

Like as you can see, the top profitable niches which are for now. Food, personal finance, and lifestyle.

So these are the top three niches by which you can earn the right amount online.

But over here, you can easily monetize them in many methods.

Like, you can sell recipes, finance type on your own. No need to join any other program. Just over here, you will have to look for buyers or clients to do this.

Like this top three niches are the very best if you want to earn a high number.

You can do this just you will have to provide your reader all they want and in an easy method.

Plus you will have to provide them those things which are not available on the internet.

Over here you can also look for,

  • Like how much can we earn by-product selling?
  • What are commissions provided by the affiliate?
  • Which type of earning sources are available?
  • What is the potential of the buyer ready to pay?
  • Higher CPC which you can get for the keywords?

Look for these elements and make your judgment. You can easily earn a good amount online. Like I also find a profitable niche by this points only.

It should have a high search volume

Keyword plays one of the prominent roles to rank your blog or if you want organic traffic on your new blog.

So what can you do while searching for the right keyword?

While searching for the best keywords to get traffic fast on your new blog, we need to have an excellent strategy to find keywords to rank more quickly.

e.g., With high volume and low competition,

Since this is everyone’s advice, it’s hard to get high volume keywords with low competition.

But keywords are searched by our audience for their queries. By keywords, only many users will be visiting our sites.

Like when we search any queries on the search engine.

We just place our keywords and visit the top sites which are ranking. And we nearly get the result which we want.

For your blog reach, we will also have to use some best and low competition keywords for our new blogs as our domain authority will not be high in the beginning to rank with a high domain authorized blog.

Like this, only when some want any information or reviews, they will visit the search engine and search their queries.

This is why people use the internet for at least six hours a day or more. At this time, they start searching for their exact need online. 

Google is only used more by internet users like it said that people search 63,000 times in a second on google.

So think about it how several time must be google used in the complete day. It must be more than 6 billion searches per day.

Plus going with the organic traffic is best than the social traffic if you want to make this a business.

Social traffic is also best for the starting three to six months.

While your domain authority is increasing or your blogs are not ranked in the search engine.

The best tools to find keywords will be Ahrefs and SEMrush. These two are the best tools that everyone uses to find the best keyword to rank for.

The best keyword strategy should be medium volume with low competition. These keywords are best to use for a new blog.

Or you can go with long-tail keywords that have high search volume and low competition. This will also be easy for you to find.

This is the volume of the average keywords.

0-1,000 Low

1,000 – 10,000 Medium

10,000 – 50,000 Medium/ High

50,000 – 100,000 High

100,000++ Very High

Competition of keywords

0-20 Low

21-50 Medium

21-74 High

75+ Very high

Let’s take some eg,

If your keywords is Best Vegan Recipes

Keyword volume – 6000

Keyword difficulty – 24

CPC – $12

Then this is the best keyword for a new blog to target. This is just an example which we are taking. These “best vegan recipes” keywords must have a very high competition as it has the term best initially.

You can also play with any SEO tools filters and search for the keywords according to the volume, competition, and CPC easily nowadays.

So if you also want to find some great keywords for your new blog, use some best SEO tools only.

These are the best SEO tools. There are also many free and paid tools available online that you can easily access.

You must be thinking about why we add this massive explanation of keywords in the (niche selection) category since you must get an idea before only starting a blog that is there many high volumes of keywords available in your niche or not.

Then there should be many affiliate networks

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to monetize your blog nowadays since you can quickly access any affiliate network.

Just you will have to add up some blog regarding that product and services.

The best part will be earning money from an affiliate when you are sleeping. This a passive source to earn now.

But how does affiliate works? Over here, we will have first to join some affiliate networks? Then we will have to promote their link.

The link on our blog is tracked when someone buys from it.

If someone makes the purchase, you get the commission.

how affiliate works

Now you must have got an idea that how does it work.

Plus, now, in every niche, there are several affiliate programs and networks available where you can comfortably register for free of cost and start earning commission from it.

What are the best ways to start an affiliate?

  • You must have got an idea that how to join an affiliate. Just place your niche keyword and add keywords like ( affiliate program ) in front of the keyword. You will get the best affiliate program quickly.
  • Then before joining any affiliate program. You should always read their terms and condition. This will help you to understand how to promote their product in the right direction.
  • After that, you will have to fill out the affiliate registration application. Just while doing this, I will suggest you use the email of your registered domain. Not any Gmail or Yahoo id. This will be best to get approved.

Then after getting the approval, just bring your link and start promoting it on your blog.

The best affiliate programs which can be used in the beginning are Clickbank and digistore24 since this is having multiple affiliate products in all the category which can quickly get promoted.

We tell you to do affiliate because now on Google if just go and search for anything you will see lots of blog.

Which are not of any brands but those ranking very high than big brands like Walmart, HP, Nike, etc.

Since those blogs write some detailed information on any product or service, it gets easy for them to rank higher.

Let’s take an example,

The best terms which are used to find any product is “best.”

Just ask yourself whenever you want something like laptops or mobile. You just type best laptops or best ten mobile phones. 

After that, you first read some detailed information on many blogs, Amazon, or other sites. Sometimes you check out different blogs also.

Then only you make the purchase. So like this only we will have to use some best-ranking keywords. And write a detailed blog for our sites to get affiliate sales quickly.

Over here, you will also not need any considerable traffic to convert any user into a sale.

Like with a small amount of traffic, even you can convert them. So just write in detail, add some best images, and use infographics in your blog.

How to pick a niche

This was the guide to tell you in detail how I pick a niche while starting a blog. You can also follow these steps quickly. 

Here was quite a lengthy information so just read it carefully. It will also take time to understand. But always invest your time and money.

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