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How To Monetize A Blog To Earn Like The Pro

If you have just started your blog and you are started getting some unique traffic on your blog.

Then now it’s time to monetize your blog and make some bucks out of it.

Today we will know some best ways to monetize a bog which will be very easy and best to earn online.

There are numerous platforms and different types of methods are available to monetize a blog.

So monetize a blog effectively with our guide

But before getting it start I need you to first understand some points.

When we start a blog, mainly every one goal is to make money from it fast.

Plus nowadays we see several blogger income reports which are very hard to reach for a new blogger.

And we too want to earn like the pro blogger in our life.

But think about it our blog is just new and they are blogging for more than years so it can be effortless for them to earn a passive income from their blog.

But this can a little bit hard for us.

If it’s our new blog we can get a traffic minimum of about 1000+ visitors in the first three months.

That can also grow if you start providing value to the reader and build your domain authority.

But it will take time for this. To reach more than 10,000 or 50,000 monthly sessions.

Therefore keep in mind that you will not earn like the pro blogger from the beginning but you will start earning $250, $400 per month, or more.

As I had received my first payment from my blog after a complete year of blogging which was $323.45 which was surprisingly great by just one of the best ads networks.

It was not this blog. But the topic we can say it is a little bit the same.

Why it took me one year because at first, I was not knowing some best high CPC monetization methods and the traffic was too very low on my blog.

But when I started getting 10,000 visitors per month. That time I made this huge amount.

There are two methods that I will recommend to you guys which is very great and simple to apply as a beginner to monetize your blog.

  • Start using ads network
  • Affiliate Networks in your niche

Plus there are also several more options but I will not suggest to you that because.

I also used some from them but did not get any results. But after using some ads networks and affiliate programs especially.

I started making more than $300 to $500 per month with low traffic on my blog.

But keep in mind you can easily get the approval of this ad or affiliate network.

But if your content is not worth it.

Then you can not earn any amount from your blog.

How to monetize a blog with ads

First, let’s see some top 4 ads network by which we can easily earn money online by applying them.

I started with one of the popular ones and which is very easy for the beginner to use.

Google Adsense

Monetize your blog with Google Adsense which is one of the popular ads networks worldwide.

You can easily use this ad network on your new blog. The terms and conditions to apply for this ad’s network are also very simple which anyone can follow.

Google Adsense

Just remember that you should not do any policy violation of their program.

Which can result in your site ban from every popular ad network.

So be careful and do not do any spammy activity over here. You can easily earn a good amount from this ad’s network.

Since my first income was also generated by this ad program only.

So I will prefer to go with this ad if you are having 2000 or 5000 visitors on your site per month.

Since this traffic is not recommended by them I just add it for you because by this traffic you can make $100 per month as a beginner.

What are the guidelines to apply for Adsense?

  • First, your blog should have the Privacy Policy, Contact us, About us Page.
  • Then your blog should at least have 22 to 25 posts which should be lengthy (2000 to 5000 words)
  • Your blog design should click-worthy.
  • There should be a proper area to place ads where the audience can be able to see them properly.
  • Content should be original.
  • And the last you should not do any spamming activity on your blog.

These are some guidelines of Google Adsense to apply for their ad network.

Which can be easily done and you will easily get their approval just provide original content and add up all the necessary page.

How to apply for Adsense?

  • Now when you are done adding up all the content and pages, just go and signup with google Adsense by your Gmail account.
  • Then over there add up your sites.
  • You will get the code which we will have to place it on your sites.
  • Use the best plugin insert header footer.
  • Place the code in the header and submit your site for verification.
  • You will get the site approval notification 2 days or 1 week after.
  • Then you can start using AdSense easily.

So these were some steps and the guideline to use google Adsense.

I am personally using this on my several new sites and making a good amount from it easily.


This is also one of the best ad networks. Over here there is a free plan also a paid plan also which you can use.

Plus this Ezoic will really increase your revenue because it’s having an automated intelligence to place the ad in the right place.

By this your UX and revenue also get increased.


With this Ezoic ad network, your site speed will also be increased. This all process is done by them only.

Just you have to apply for their ads network. You can also use Google Adsense and Ezoic at once on your blog.

Which is great. So you will also get a High CPC ad on your sites.

Plus you can use the control advance testing which will help you to set rules and manage preferences.

Plus split-test will allow you to compare the results easily.

If you get their premium plan which is also great, this Ezoic technology will provide you with no contracts, high revenue plus full compatibility with any ad network.

Many new bloggers are using this monetization method to increase their revenue.

You will just need at least 10,000 monthly sessions on your blog.

Plus over here you get lots of other tools that can help you grow faster.

So start using this ad network.

What are the guidelines of Ezoic to follow

  • To use Ezoic we should first have original content (20 to 25 posts)
  • Then your sites should not be banned on Google Adsense.
  • The principal element is you should have at least 10,000 visitors on your sites.
  • There should be also some organic traffic on your sites.

So these are some guidelines of Ezoic to follow.

So if you are getting more than 10,000 visitors on your sites then apply for this ad network.

How to apply for Ezoic?

  • Just go and visit then go and register.
  • Use the free plan of Ezoic.
  • First, they will ask for an email id.
  • Then you will have to add your domain name.
  • Choose the Ad revenue and click continue.
  • Then you will get a congratulations page.
  • Login to your dashboard.
  • Then you will have to integrate your site with Ezoic over here this process is also done by three methods.
  • Or you can do this with an Ezoic plugin or change your domain name server with there.
  • You can also link Ezoic with Adsense easily.

You will get over here high CPC ad, as over here there will two ad networks who will be placing their ad.

So this can really increase your revenue easily. So start using this amazing ad network now.


If you have 10,000 visitors on your sites then use this amazing ad network which is Monumetric over here you also get many amazing features that can help you to increase your ad revenue.

This is a paid ad network where you have to pay $99 or they will deduct this amount from your earning.

So it’s on you how you want to start with Monumetric. But this is a really good ad network.


If you have 10,000 visitors on your sites then use this amazing ad network which is Monumetric over here you also get many amazing features that can help you to increase your ad revenue.

This is a paid ad network where you have to pay $99 or they will deduct this amount from your earning.

So it’s on you how you want to start with Monumetric. But this is a really good ad network.

Over here the commission rate is also low as they only keep the 15% to 30% commission from their clients which is great as you will be earning a good amount.

And many ad companies keep a big amount from the clients and pays a small amount to their promoter.

So they have their client-side header bidding, content dynamic mobile-friendly ads, with unique direct and private marketplace plus with a granular reporting platform. 

There are also in the image or inline ads plus with pre-bid enable video ads. So they advertise many different types of ads.

You will be getting a custom dashboard to view all your earnings.

Plus you also get access to all the traffic data too easily over here.

What are the guidelines of Monumetric?

  • You should have at least 10,000 visitors on your blog monthly.
  • Your sites should be installed on WordPress or blogger
  • Plus 6 ad slots on desktop and mobile.
  • With a 300px sidebar.
  • You should pay $99 or you can allow them to deduct it from your earning.

If you are having 10,000 visitors on your blog then apply for this ad network and start making money from your blog easily.

With this ad network, your revenue will really get a boost.

How to sign up for Monumetric?

  • First, visit the site, then on the right-hand top corner, there will be a joining option.
  • After that choose the plan as per your traffic.
  • Then fill out the form with your website link.
  • You get a page where they will ask to pay a $99 one time payment.
  • Then you will get redirected to a page where you will have to fill it and accept their terms and conditions.
  • After this, you will have to log into the dashboard.

So use this ad network as this is also best many bloggers are earning more than $20 to $40 per day easily.

Therefore it can also be helpful for you to make a huge amount over here.


Mediavine best ad network to monetize a blog.

Just over here there, the requirements are that your sites should at least have 50,000 monthly visitors.

This is the most important thing which you should keep in mind before applying for the Mediavine ad network.

You can easily make a good amount from here.

Since there are many bloggers over here who make three figures or five-figure amount from Mediavine per month.

So give it a try it’s very easy to signup over here too.

Just you have to provide all the correct information.

What are the guidelines of Mediavine?

  • The first essentially important is that you should have 50,000 plus monthly visitors on your blog.
  • Then your site should not be banned by the Adsense network.
  • Your content should be original.
  • Plus your traffic should be from the USA mainly.

If you’re getting enough traffic as per the Mediavine guideline then apply for it.

You will start earning more than any other ad network from here.

Their payout is very high as compared to another ad network.

I have personally not used this ad network but it is used by the pro blogger if you go and see about their payouts on the internet.

Since the highest traffic on my site is 30,000 per month on my different sites.

But if you have more than 50,000 visitors on your site you should use this ad network only to monetize a blog.

These were some best ad networks that you can use to monetize a blog and earn a good amount from it.

I had personally use some of this ad network and made a good amount from it.

As I was just moving my sites from one network to another when my traffic was growing step by step.

So you can also do that and start with the best ad network which is Gooogle Adsense.

Over here you can easily signup and place an ad on your blog.

Just remember don’t do any spammy activities over here on any ad network.

how to monitize a blog

How to monetize a blog with affiliate marketing

One of the best ways to make money online by referring products to your audience.

By this you will start earning a good commission from the top affiliate program.

Over here numerous are earning $10,000 or more than this in just a month.

So if you want to know how to monetize your blog with affiliate then here are the top four affiliate programs which you can join and promote all kinds of products simply.

Affiliate marketing is best because if you are providing the complete details to your audience about any product or tools they can easily make their purchase from your link and you will earn a good commission from it.

To start an affiliate first we will need a website, so if you don’t have your website then start with Hostinger which is one of the best web hosting providers, and get 90% off now.

So let’s see the top four affiliate program,

Digistore 24

One of the best ways to start affiliate with, over here you will get all types of product which you can promote easily.

Just you have to get your affiliate link and use the affiliate resources which is provided by the product owner and promote it on your blog or social site easily.


Digistore24 is the best affiliate program because it does not need any approval. You can just go and create your own account and start working with them.

They also provide payout two times a month. It’s on you how you want to get the payout by the PayPal in your bank.

Digistore24 is the best affiliate program because it does not need any approval.

You can just go and create your own account and start working with them.

They also provide payout two times a month. It’s on you how you want to get the payout by the PayPal in your bank.

Plus they store cookies about 180 days by this if someone has visited the product page by your link and make a purchase after some days also.

Then you will get the commission easily.

Sometimes buyers do not purchase by just their first visit.

So at this time you can collect their email and send them an email on your own or by any tool and convey them to purchase the product efficiently.

How to get started over here,

  • First Signup with Digistore24 as a vendor or affiliate, you can choose both options.
  • Fill out the form especially the star brackets, then accept their terms and condition.
  • After this confirm your email. And login to your dashboard.
  • Then choose the product just you have to visit the marketplace which will be on the top right-hand corner.
  • And get your affiliate link simply.
  • After this, you can add your payment details also quickly just they will deduct $1 from your account while confirming your payment methods.

CJ Affiliate

If you require to promote all kinds of products from top brands. Then you should use this amazing affiliate program to monetize a blog.

This is best because over here you can easily access to all products from the top brands that do not have their own affiliate network on their official sites.


So I will also recommend this if you want to promote easily digital products.

Plus there are all kinds of products available in all the categories for you.

Just you will have to fill their forms carefully and start working with the best affiliate network and monetize your blog.

Many new bloggers are additionally making $2000 at least from this CJ affiliate.

Because they can choose the best affiliate product over here and can easily promote them on their sites.

So you should also use this network to monetize your blog. And start working with brands worldwide.

How to signup with CJ affiliate?

  • Just go and visit the CJ official sites.
  • Then click on signup which will be on the top right corner.
  • Click as a publisher then fill out the form.
  • You will get an email confirmation request.
  • After this, there will be four different forms that you will have to fill up. CJ will guide you to fill those forms easily.
  • After this verification process is complete.
  • You can visit the marketplace and choose the affiliate product.
  • You will have to accept the terms and conditions of every product. Then wait for their confirmation.

If your blog is powerful and is having complete details about that product then you will easily start getting approval from that product owner.

And you can start promoting them.

Amazon affiliate

Amazon is also having their affiliate program which is very popular for a beginner.

But I won’t suggest you if you are promoting any digital product or any kind of this product, then Amazon is not the best option.

amazon affiliate

But if you are promoting products which are used in daily life like clothing, daily use product, or electronic products then you should use amazon affiliates.

Because over here you can get access to too several big brands products.

Just you have to signup with an amazon affiliate add your promoting sites plus other platform and promote that product and earn a commission from it.

But the commission rate is a little bit low as compared to other affiliate networks over her.

I am just adding up this affiliate program because many products can easily get sold.

Just you have to provide the right information and you have to get the traffic on your blog so someone can purchase them by your link.

Plus there is likewise the best part, is that if someone visits the amazon site by your link on any products and if that person purchases any other product also by that link.

You will get the commission from it. Which is the best part of this program I think.

amazon rates

Amazon commission rates as per product category. They also keep on changing their commission rates so check for the latest rates also once.

How to get started on Amazon?

  • First, you will have to signup with Amazon Affiliate.
  • Then you will have to fill the complete application and add all the right information.
  • Over here just keep in mind that add the promoting website link.
  • Then confirm your email and login into the affiliate dashboard.
  • After this when you will visit any product on amazon. You will see a bar on the top where you can get that product link or banner easily.
  • Start promoting that link on your blog and earn a commission from it.

Fiverr Affiliates

One of the best affiliate networks to earn online and earn a passive income. 

Now, everyone is coming online with their small businesses to startups.

They all need designers and marketers.

fiverr affiliate

So over here on Fiverr, they can easily get assess to freelancers worldwide.

And when some will hire a freelancer and pay them for their project.

Fiverr will send you a small commission from that amount.

Means Fiverr is best for those who are in marketing. So start earning now from Fiverr.

You can use their affiliate tool and monetize your blog easily. And earn a higher commission on Fiverr.

How to get started on a Fiverr affiliate?

  • First, create your account with the Fiverr affiliate.
  • Then you will have to fill out the complete form. They will easily approve your account.
  • Then you will have to choose the products. Which you want to promote.
  • Use the affiliate link or any banner on your blog and start promoting it.

So these were some best ways to monetize a blog with affiliate marketing.

You can also use many other affiliate networks like Clickbank which is best but in many countries, it’s hard to get their approval.

how affiliate works

But affiliate is the best way to earn now a commission. If you are having a small amount of your traffic then also you can start earning from affiliate marketing easily.

Just you have to know how to add up your link in the right place and have to convey them to purchase that product with the right information of it.

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