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Honeycomb Floating Wall Shelf

Honeycomb Floating Wall Shelf

Here is a complete honeycomb floating wall shelf design that you can use in your home now and get all this design and decor now online easily.

This amazing product’s shelf type is wood and it has a  product dimension which is of 4 d x 17 w x 15 h this product s mounting type is like a wall mount so you can easily place it over there.

This wall shelve is best for a room type you can add it up in your office or in your bathroom or in the bedroom it will also look very good in the living room and nursery so get it now easily.

This product has a material which is made up of wood and it also has the style which is of a boho.

Plus this product shape is hexagonal and it’s a product of a brand which is a labend home.

With a finish type, this is of varnished wood and there is only a number of shelves which is 4.

Honeycomb Floating Wall Shelf

This other shelf type has a nan a glass and this shelf product dimensions are this so it can look good 5.91 d x 27.95 w x 28.35 h.

An easily mounting type of this self is a wall mount and the best room type for this will be a bathroom and your kitchen.

Plus their material is made up of glass and iron plus the shape it is hexagonal and it’s a product of a brand called rivet.

This shelf is a furniture finish which is like gold and the installation type of this is a wall mount and there is no assembly required.

White Loveseat Sofa


This has a product shelf type and you can easily design it how you want and there product dimensions are 15.35″d x 13.38″w x 3.9″h.

With a mounting type which is of a wall mount and their room type is like for a there office, bathroom and also you can use this in your kitchen and easily in the living room and bedroom.

Its made up of the material which is wood and it has a style that is farmhouse and rustic.

It also has a  shape which is a hexagonal and the product is of a brand called phoenancee and the finish type this product is made up of is a block of wood.

Creative Artificial Succulent Plants

This is an artificial plant product type that is succulent so get these best artificial plants for your home decor now.

Some of the best specific uses for the product are this can be put in your home decor and your bathroom as you want it will easily give you some good vibes.

It has a white and green color with only 3 pcs set which you will get.

The item dimensions are abou this 17.1 x 5.9 x 4.5 inches and the package has an artificial plant pot.

Sofa U-Shaped Couch


It has a color which is golden and it’s a product of a trademark called which is and a fantesticryan.

Plus this is made of the material ceramic and it also has a style like a modern.

Plus this is best for occasions like using this for a farewell, housewarming, or gifting it on mothers day and wedding and engagement plus also for thanksgiving it’s all on you.

12 Complete Sofa Set

Miniature Potted Faux Plant

This artificial plant type is a moss with the best specific uses for the product is that you should use this as a home decor for your living room or anywhere in the house.

The color of this product is gold and their item dimensions are 4 x 4 x 4 inches and the package is of a vase and a pot.

Modern Large Velvet Fabric U-Shape Sectional Sofa

Sullivans Ceramic Vase

Sullivans ceramic vase is one of the best home decors for your shelf and they have added around the set of 3 small vases.

Plus the color of this vase is distressed white and it’s a product of a trademark which is Sullivans.

It has a shape that is round and the vase’s product dimensions are like it’s 3 l x 3 w x 10 h so this will easily look good in your home.

Sofa Bed 2 In One

Natural Dried Pampas Grass Bouquet

This is the best natural dried pampas grass bouquet which is am best home decor and you can use it or gift anyone.

This is the best decor with a color which is natural beige and white with a plant product type which is a pampas grass.

This is the best product of the brand wild autumn.

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