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Hommoo Mid Century Modern Sofa

Mid Century Modern Sofa

Mid Century Modern Sofa


This sofa has a white color plus this like has a style which is a mid century modern sofa style to this sofa.

Plus the room type which will es be best for this sofa is your bedroom, living room plus this has a seating capacity of 3.

It also has a shape which is rectangular plus this has a frame material which is metal and engineered wood, wood.

This has a size which is of 88.98 w x 36.42 d x 27.76 h plus this also requires assembly.

White Loveseat Sofa


This is one of the best you can have for your living room its rug form type is an area rug its size is about 4×5 with the product dimensions will be 60″l x 48″w so this will easily fit in your home.

Plus this has a color which is black and it aso has a solid pattern.

Furniture With Smart Features


This has a wall art print set that has this color, black & white, with a close-up tree design.

Plus it’s made by the trademark signwin and this has a style which is a modern its made up material is like a canvas and this wall art has a theme which is of nature.

Boho Wall Art With Amerlife 68 TV Stand


This artificial plant has a color which is green and it’s a product of a brand which is a fopamtri and it’s made up of material which is polyester, metal.

It has a light color which is like a yellow and the item weight is about 11 pounds and the base type of it is a pot.

Plus this is a tree type which is a palm tree for your living room.

Plus their product dimensions are 7 d x 7 w x 60 h so this will be the best option for you to pick.

Artificial Plant Wall Decor

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