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How I Got My 10,000 Instagram Followers Organically

Know how to grow your Instagram followers organically quickly.

Over here, we will see some best ways which are free, and we will try to grow organically.

So let’s get into it,

But you should also know this before starting that Instagram organic methods is dead. But you can still use that.


You will have to do this,

  1. Stay active
  2. Provide value
  3. Post regularly
  4. No spamming
  5. Investing a lot of time

So you will have to keep this in mind.

If you follow this step, you will start growing your account organically.

I had also started many accounts, and I had almost failed to develop all those accounts before.

But when I came to know that organically accounts are also growing.

But you will have to stay updated and provide some content that should value and should be eye-catching content.

Being active on Instagram does not mean that you will just have to post content five to six times a day.

Staying is active on Instagram means. You should engage with your audience.

Like if you can not bombard content daily. So start adding up some best and valuable stories.

Which anyone can do, and it will hardly take you five minutes.

What I do is just post at least 20 stories in a day. If I am busy I still try to post ten stories in my niche to engage with my audience.

This works because if you are also using Instagram daily, you must be doing it only.

Just notice that you will also prefer to watch the stories more than the posts on your feeds.

So start posting a lot of stories on your Instagram account.

After this, you can do life once a week. Or use these Instagram top features and ask the question with your audience.

Engage with them to solve their queries.

Tell with which they don’t know.

Provide Value

So know how to grow Instagram followers organically by providing value.

Over here, you will first need to understand your audience. And then understand them and their queries.

This means you are providing some value for them.

So over here, let’s take an example of a fitness niche on instagram.

Around here, users are primarily looking for solutions for weight loss and some tasty keto recipes mostly.

So now you know their queries and problems. Now you will have to start posting content regarding this only.

Post daily at least three keto recipes and post some results given to others who have tried keto diets.

So if you post content and provide them value and solve their queries, they will start engaging with your posts the queries they are looking for then providing a solution.

Plus over here when you will solve their quire, you should also present it very well.

Design the post very well if you also use some other videos, so design it on canva, which is a free tool.

So just design it in a way that it should look like fresh content to the Instagram users.

Post Regularly

If you start posting regularly, you will quickly start seeing results in a month only.

Posting regularly three to five-time is the best way to grow an account.

And if you are doing this regularly, Instagram will be starting to boost your account organically.

But this will take time, and you need to be consistent. So use these methods and grow online.

You can use canva and easily create your post, and as we talked, this is the best tool and post it on Instagram daily.

No Spamming

If you want to grow organically on Instagram from the beginning.

Then you should not spam on Instagram, because if you will start spamming on instagram.

They will stop your organic growth. So avoid spamming.

Sometimes we start spamming without knowing that it will affect our account.

We do it mistakenly. So what should we avoid doing on instagram?

Follow for follow – So this is one of the famous tricks which everyone thinks. You have to follow some accounts in your niche. And then they will follow back you.

This is also the best trick for a new account. But if you start following 500 to 1000 followers a day, that’s now a good idea.

Because Instagram will give you some reach, but the post reach will be dead.

In one of the accounts where I used these tricks, my followers were increasing, but the post reach was completely dead.

So don’t follow many accounts. Try to follow only 100 to 200 accounts a day. Or sms with the best pitch of yours to others to follow your account.

Invest Lot Of Time

So many will tell you that it’s just a 30 to 50 minutes game to grow on Instagram.

So no, you will have to put in lots of efforts.

Like when you will post any image or videos. You will then just don’t have to leave and you will have to go and start commenting on many posts that come under those niches and posts.

You will have to tell them that if you are facing problems. Then come visit my account. I will provide you the complete solution for it.

Always invest at least 20 minutes at least after posting anything.

Engage with your audience and provide a solution for them. If you do this, your followers will get something new.

Use Facebook Creator Studio

This is one of the best tools you should use if you can not be consistent on posting.

This amazing tool is Facebook and Instagram to schedule your posts. So use these amazing tools, which are for free.

So don’t waste your money on the expensive tools to schedule your posts from now.

It’s very easy, and anyone can use this tool.

You will have to link your instagram account with the Facebook page and turn your Instagram account into a business or creator account.

So start using these tools.

I also personally use this fantastic free tool by Facebook.

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