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How To Grow On Pinterest Easily In 2021

If you want to grow on Pinterest and make money from it or drive traffic on your products or blog.

Then start using some best tools and methods to grow your Pinterest account.

Over here, we will see some best methods to grow your account. I am also using Pinterest to drive traffic.

But I have also failed one time and lost the complete Pinterest account.

Grow On Pinterest Easily

But Pinterest is easy to grow as compared to other platforms. Just if you are working alone, you will need to invest a lot of time on Pinterest.

Over here, many are driving efficiently 100k to 500k users per month with Pinterest.

Plus, it’s targeted traffic. So you should also not leave this opportunity.

Over here, I will not be going with the basic methods and points like creating and setting up a business account.

How to Grow On Pinterest In 2021

If you want to push consistent traffic to your blog or website. You should begin to look at the up-and-coming underdog called Pinterest.

This is because Pinterest has some of the best traffic volumes in 2021.

Currently, Pinterest has 478 million monthly active users and has grown by 46 percent between 2020 and 2021.

We can only expect more exponential growth in the next few years.

In their research, it was shown that Pinterest Marketers reached over 200 million users.

Now that sounds like many people and that’s all!

However, this works only if you apply the correct approaches and techniques.

In this compressive guide, we compiled the best tactics and techniques to easily grow on Pinterest in 2021.

Pin High-Quality Images Only

In 2013, requested database research on Pinterest Images from a Philadelphia-based Startup called Curulate which is an analytics tool intended for online marketing.

The goal of this research was to find the perfect Pinterest Image Characteristics that made a Pinterest Image go viral.

This Pinterest database research consisted of more than 500,000 images and what they found was very insightful. 

The characteristics that make a Pinterest Image go viral are the following:

  • No human faces – This is because Pinterest users are more interested in looking for ideas, and inspiration. They are not interested in searching for people because other social media platforms already serve this purpose. For example, Facebook is a place for connecting people, LinkedIn is a place for connecting professional people, YouTube is a place for connecting videos, but Pinterest is a place for connecting things.
  • Little Background – Having a minimal background on your Pinterest Images makes your foreground pop out more and be the central focus of the viewer. This makes it less cluttered and hooks your viewers to stay and look at your well-crafted Pinterest image. We recommend having your image shot on a white minimal background.
  • Multiple Colors – Pinterest is seen as a fun image-sharing service platform where everyone can see image boards from random people on the internet. The atmosphere of Pinterest is very fun and lighthearted which explains why multiple complementary colors work well with viral colors. The key takeaway is to have “multiple complementary colors” this makes it easier for the viewer to get hooked and stay.
  • Lots of red – In this database research, they found that images that mainly have red or orange as their primary color get twice the repins compared to all images. This can be explained by Pinterest Branding. Pinterest’s main color is red and a little bit of orange to compliment. Pinterest’s entire user interface/display is also red with a hint of orange. Humans are programmed and wired to think that familiarity is good and safe, and we should always choose familiarity over uncertainty. Since Pinterest users are more familiar with the colors of red and orange, they are more likely to gravitate towards predominantly red and orange images. 
  • Moderate light, and color saturation– Turns out images with 50% color saturation got pinned 4 times more compared to images with 100% color saturation. That’s not even the craziest part, desaturated images were also pinned 10 times more compared to all images. This goes the same for brightness
  • Portrait Style – This is not surprising. Most Pinterest users use their smartphones to view images and the most convenient way to view images is in portrait mode.
  • Pin Sizes- As for sizes, Pinterest themselves recommends your image size to be 1000 x 1500px with an aspect ratio of 2:3. This is to avoid stretching and truncation of your images in smaller devices. However, if you want other types of image sizes along with the aspect ratio, here are our recommendations:
    • Square Images – 1000 x 1000px; 1:1
    • Long Images – 1000 x 2100px; 1:2.1
    • Infographics – 1000 x 3000px; 1:3

Post Regularly

Over here, if you want to grow on Pinterest, you will need to post constantly.

If you start adding up some amazing content for your audience, it will be very easy for you to grow.

Over here, it will take time, but your content will start ranking higher and higher after some time.

You will see massive traffic on your blog.

So start pinning at least 5 to 8 pins a day, which will be best for a new account.

After this, you should also post some other pins on your account to grow faster on Pinterest.

Use the tailwind tribes

One of the best ways to make your Pinterest pins viral.

Over here, you can allow other Pinterest users in your niches to share the pins on their boards easily.

Over here, you will also have to do the same. So use the first tailwind free account.

You will get access to 30 pins to post on your tribe’s account of yours.

After this, you will have to pay more to get access to post more pins on the tribes.

But the 30 pins limit is also enough for beginners.

Over here, you will also have to get joined with five communities in your niches.

Then have to share the pins on your account.

And the same will be done for you by the other members of the community.

So it’s very easy. Plus, on the Pinterest tailwind account, you can schedule 100 pins.

So this is also a great option. Plus, the Pinterest premium account is also very cheap. Anyone can afford it.

It’s entirely on you who you want to grow your account and how fast you want to grow.

But use the Tailwind as it will also suggest you some best posting time.

Plus, more features are coming and included in these tools.

Plus, you will quickly grow, and it’s a trusted and the suggested tool for Pinterest to schedule the post quickly.

Create Content On Latest Format

If you want to grow fastly on Pinterest in a month only. And want to make your content viral, then use the least format.

Like now, only Pinterest has launched their story pins format. Yes, it does not allow you to add a link.

But if you want to grow your account or board’s growth. Then start using it.

I have got 5k to 9k to reach on those story pins in a day.

Sometimes in an hour only.

So see how effective it can be to use the latest format of pins which is Pinterest launching.

Like before, if you would add video pins in a couple of hours only, it used to go viral, and your account reach would increase.

Yes, but you use to get fewer clicks on your blog as compared to images.

But those are used to make your account reach faster.

Include SEO Keywords

Pinterest, like any other platform, has a search engine.

This search engine includes criteria for ranking search results.

Our job as content creators is to follow these criteria to get better rankings on which the search engine decides who followed these criteria best.

One method to fulfill these requirements is to include SEO keywords in anything you publish.

This includes your profile, descriptions, images, captions, pins, board, comments, etc. 

Everything you post should have keywords that relate to that post.

For example:

  • Profile – State what you post and do. (Family, Food, Photography, and Crafts)
  • Bio – State a short description that is SEO friendly and adds a Call-To-Action (CTA). (a collection of timeless and luxurious watches. Check out our previous product here!)
  • Website Link – Adding a legitimate website link to your Pinterest profile is also another way of following the search engine’s criteria. This makes you seem more credible and seen as a business. Pinterest prioritizes businesses because they are the ones who are most likely to purchase advertisements. Therefore, the search engine gives them the results they want.
  • Post Descriptions – Descriptions should always have SEO keywords to make your images discoverable. It should describe your image and the attributes of that image. Such as “Luxurious living room design made with budget-friendly materials.”

If you are having trouble finding certain keywords that fit your content.

Here is a list of keyword guides that we have compiled that tends to work for all content types and topics:

  • Don’t be too generic (Recipe -> Budget-Friendly Recipe)
  • Don’t use keyword variations. Sometimes, you shuffle keywords to make them fit a certain spelling of a certain topic. You don’t need to do this since Pinterest does it automatically for you.
  • Add potential monetary gain. As mentioned before, Pinterest prioritizes businesses more. This is why if the search engine thinks you are making money from your posts. It will think you are a business, therefore, prioritizing you and ranking you higher in search results.
  • Don’t be misleading. Don’t add keywords that don’t relate to your content just to cover more views. This will hurt your reach because the search engine is smart enough to recognize that you are misleading therefore not ranking you in search results in the future. 


Overall, Pinterest remains one of the best-untapped marketing platforms for driving traffic to your website/blog.

However, make sure to always pin images regularly and only pin high-quality images along with the guidelines we have mentioned.

Although posting high-quality images is good, it is not enough.

You also need to add SEO keywords to make your content discoverable by following the search engine’s criteria and we have mentioned the general criteria you should be following.

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