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How To Get Free Traffic On Your Blog

Learn how to get free traffic on your new blog quickly.

I will be going through some best methods which are free to use and get quality traffic on your new blog.

free traffic

Over here, you will get free targeted website traffic.

Some will provide you results in a few days only, so some methods will take time to divert traffic on your blog.

So let’s know some best and unique ways to grow your traffic.

Just before starting this, I want to tell you something which you should keep in mind.

Never take traffic from any paid auto-generated tool. With this traffic, you will be getting utterly fake traffic, which can harm your website growth.

If you are running any ads on your site and getting auto-generated traffic, they can also ban you.

So don’t go with the paid traffic generated methods.

Always use genuine free methods to get traffic from trustworthy sources.

By real traffic, we want some targeted readers in your niche. So they can engage with our content.

One of the best ways to drive free traffic on your new blog or any products quickly.

Over here, you will get quality and targeted traffic efficiently.

Quora is also a popular site like google. Over here you have to answer some question, and you get many readers on your site which needs some solutions.

I am personally using Quora and driving daily 250 to 300 visitors from Quora only.

I also made a massive amount from Quora traffic. So I always recommend you to use Quora as the best traffic source.

So, there are many ways which you can use and get traffic, so let’s see some of them.

First, before using Quora, your content should be robust and should be readable.

If you write content by any spinning tools, you may lose your readers, so write the content yourself on Grammarly or hire a freelancer from Fiverr.

Because over here, readers need quick and easy answers for their solutions.

On one of my friends’ sites, the traffic used to get bounced back because the content was written by a spinning tool as it was not easily readable.

So users use to search for answers for their quires on different blogs. So write on your own it takes hardly one to two days to write a proper blog.

So first, you can write answers on Quora,

This is the best way to drive traffic on any of your articles for a long time.

You have to write answers to any question which is in your niche and related to any articles of yours.

When it starts getting view and upvotes ( means users love your answers ), it will begin to rank that answer higher and get more readers.

Many of the Quora questions are ranked on Google search engine top pages.

If you want to find those questions that are ranking higher and get more views on that question, then its very easy.

You just have to use a Semrush tool to find out.

How to find top ranking questions,

  • First, visit Semrush and enter the in “domain overview.”
  • After that, you will have to click on the “organic search traffic” of the Quora.
  • Then you have to use the filter bar “filter by keyword,”
  • And add the keyword according to your niches.
  • You will get many keywords with high traffic, and in the right corner, you will also find those question link.

So those question which are getting more traffic from organic search.

If you write your answer, you will also start getting traffic, and you can divert that traffic easily on your blog.

This was the process that I use to apply and write my answers to the higher traffic questions.

So by this, I use to get many readers on my blog quickly. First, while writing a solution, you should write lengthy answers.

And you should know how to redirect the readers to visit your blog for more details.

Like you should add your blog credits or add links to some different blogs regarding those topics.

Just provide a link in the correct place. And also, don’t add many links, or your answer may get deleted by Quora in the feature.

Use Quora spaces to get traffic,

Over here, Quora has Spaces options its like a group where you can easily share your posts and blog links.

You can create spaces as per your niche and companies. Quora spaces is best to drive massive traffic on your blog.

I had personally used Quora spaces and drove traffic on my new blog.

Plus, over here, you can get add into many Quora spaces and promote your posts and link easily.

Join Quora spaces with huge followers is the best way to drive traffic to our site.

Start using the Quora space feature to make your blog a brand on Quora and spread it on many other spaces.

How to use them to drive traffic on our blog,

  • So over here, you should first create Spaces as per your niche.
  • Then you should daily add at least 50 questions to your Spaces to grow them faster.
  • Add posts of yours and engage your readers on Quora or share other’s posts which you found useful.
  • Get added as a contributor in other spaces.

And spread your blog link on Quora spaces and drive massive traffic daily. Just dont do spam while adding your links.

Pinterest traffic methods

If you want free traffic on your website for a longer time. Then it would be best if you used Pinterest.

This is a visual search engine. You have to post images, videos, or infographics in Pins’ form over here, on Pinterest.

When they start getting rank on Pinterest, you will start receiving traffic on your site.

Plus, Pinterest allows every new content to get ranked faster as they want to keep updated with the latest content for their users.

So start creating videos, images on Pinterest and get free traffic for your blog quickly.

You will not need any authorized domain over here. Just add up some high-quality content.

I am personally using Pinterest for my new blogs to viral the posts. Some of you may have got to know my blog from Pinterest help only.

Over here, first, you need to start producing images of your own. All the content should be your’s if you want results faster.

So let’s know how to use Pinterest to boost our traffic for free.

To succeed faster on Pinterest, you should,

  • First, create a Business account, which is for free.
  • Then you should add your complete data of that website, claim your website on Pinterest.
  • After this, create some boards according to your topics on Pinterest.
  • Then start adding up Images or videos in the form of pins.
  • In the pins, add an SEO optimized keywords in the title, description, and alt text.
  • Add your link in the end, then publish it on any board related to it or easily schedule it from Pinterest.

This were some best ways to start a Pinterest account and add up your Pins easily.

You can learn Pinterest from one of the experts. She has more than 10M plus visitors on the Pinterest account.

Plus she runs a YouTube channel where all the tips for growing Pinterest have been added up.

If you want, she also has provided a complete course on Pinterest marketing.

I had learned some best ways to grow my Pinterest account by here free, methods only.

Okay, so let’s know something importation which you should keep in mind while working on Pinterest.

  • Always first create your own pins on Pinterest and add your brand identity on the pins. ( use canva tool to make this process easy )
  • Use share buttons on your blog so that anyone can share your images or infographics on Pinterest also easily.
  • Next, if your account is new start pinning from 8 to 12 times a days, Which is my recommendations as per the tailwind you can pin 50 pins a day.
  • Use the Tailwind tool to schedule your pins correctly.
  • Don’t share the same pins of the post on a single board in a day.
  • Always share some different post by pins on Pinterest daily.

Okay so in the last don’t do any spammy activities on your Pinterest account for quick traffic. As over here, it takes time to see traffic on your blog.

Also, don’t just promote some particular posts daily by creating different pins version on them.

This is also spammy activity, and they will ban your account permanently.

Medium traffic methods

You have to write articles to get some amount of traffic by redirecting it on your blog.

Medium is also the best method to get free traffic because I use it to get daily 100 plus visitors from Medium only.

Just provide some valuable articles on Medium link them correctly and drive traffic on your new blogs.

The posts which you will be writing on Medium will quickly get ranked in Search engine also. As from there, the traffic increases on those posts.

You get to see all your stats on Medium-plus you even know how many users have visited and from them how many have read your content.

How to get started,

  • So first you will have to just signup with your Google account.
  • Then add your details and pick your topics.
  • After this, you will have to start writing articles on Medium.
  • Just like the ways you write it on WordPress. Add all the h2, heading plus images and their alt text.
  • After finishing the writing process, just publish it with some of the tags related to the topic.

Then you just have to wait and watch. It will take time to get readers on your medium account. It takes around 3 to 4 month to see massive traffic.

Over here, what you can do is write at least 2 or 1 post in a week.

I use to go with one post in a week, from 800 words to 2500 words some time.

I also get massive traffic from the small post and from the lengthy posts to.

So it’s on you how you want to start posting with Medium. Just start adding many posts as you can accurately and get traffic on your blog.

It’s just like a guest post for someone’s website, which I always think while working on Medium and provide valuable content over there regarding my niche.

Instagram traffic methods

One of the popular social media platforms. From Instagram, you can get massive traffic on your affiliate products or any of your blog posts.

Instagram is the best way to drive traffic nowadays. As over here, you can grow the Instagram account by many methods quickly.

Like just-launched features Reels which will quickly help you to increase your Instagram account followers.

Or you can post up to four to five posts on Instagram about your product and get traffic on them quickly.

I also use Instagram and direct them to my blogs. So start using your Instagram account now.

How to use Instagram to grow your traffic,

  • First, you should create a business account on Instagram.
  • Then start adding videos and images and use some hashtags in them.
  • Don’t spam your posts with the hashtag and also add small 500 words descriptions.
  • Use Instagram’s latest features to grow your account. Just take the example of the reels launched by Instagram, which is getting more audience attention quickly.
  • Always reply to the comment on your posts.
  • Use the quick reply features in Instagram for quick DM replies for your followers.

These were some best steps which I followed and engaged my audience and grew my traffic.

I have multiple Instagram accounts on which I am working and growing them quickly.

Just be consistent and add some unique posts on Instagram to catch their attention.

Facebook Pages

This is one of the popular social sites. Everyone uses Facebook from the age of 13 to 60 plus.

So over here, you can start getting traffic from many sources like the Facebook pages, groups, Facebook ads at very cheap cost.

I use Facebook and drive massive traffic on my site daily from Facebook. I get 250 plus users on my blogs.

Over here, I am today going to just tell you about Facebook pages. As this is the best method which I found to get traffic on my blog.

Like over here on Facebook pages. You can grow them quickly by posting on them and using some hashtags as you can also spend some amount on promotions and grow your Facebook page quickly.

Plus Facebook is a perfect option for all kinds of niches as you can get many Facebook pages and group on any topics easily and promote your blogs over there.

Which I used to do first. After this, I changed my strategies and started growing my Facebook page with the help of other grown pages and followers.

So let's know how to do this on Facebook.

  • First, we will have to create your own Facebook page and add all the information.
  • Then you will have to set up an auto messaging system on those pages.
  • Add all your posts link in your feeds and pin one of the lengthy and pillar posts on your Facebook pages.
  • Then start promoting the Facebook page on other groups and pages.
  • From there, you will start getting many likes and followers.

So by this, you can share with them any of your posts in features.

Plus, over here, if you want to boost your page growth or website traffic.

Start sharing your posts on multisite Facebook pages and groups throughout the day. It takes hardly five minutes to do.

These were some best methods to get free traffic on your new blog targeted traffic.

So start using this method and earn from your latest blogs.

All are genuine and the best ways to drive traffic on a blog. I am using this method, and getting free traffic some will take time, so some methods provide you traffic in few days only.

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