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The fastest way to make money by blogging

If you also want to make money by blogging faster then know how to start a blog with some best methods to make money by blogging in the fastest ways.

These are the fastest way to make money by blogging but over here you will have to learn to code or have to invest some amount.

Many are using these methods to earn by this tool blogs plus they are just creating more than one to two pages and not doing anything.

After some time when their tool blog gets popular, it starts getting traffic from many sources easily.

Many times you will also have to work little but in initial days to drive traffic to make it popular.

And if you don’t have money to invest then you can also now get those scripts for free and just do little but change by learning HTML and CSS easily.

Or just learn coding on your own on youtube for free. Coding languages like HTML, CSS, and java just will take time little bit.

Fastest way to make money by blogging

So know how to make money by blogging faster the easy and fastest way to make money by blogging.

Over here we will first see for those who have to invest a small amount around $100 to start.

For that, you will have to first purchase a web hosting and domain which will cost around $70 to $80 from Bluehost where you will get a domain for free worth more free option by Bluehost only.

Then you will have to purchase a script which is mostly around $20 to $50 for basic scripts.

  • Image downloader or compress.
  • Youtube downloder or thumnail downloder.
  • Social media downloader or hashtag generator.
  • Calculator scripts.

There are many more scripts available over codecanyon which you can purchase easily.

One of the best websites to purchase all types of scripts mostly on the internet.

So check out codecanyon now.

Then you just have to learn a little bit of HTML to do edits or add pages on your website.

Plus this is best to create the tool leave it on the internet just add the main pages and write an article if you want or also don’t do that in many niches but in some niches, you would have to write.

And just drive some amount of traffic in the beginning and make easily around $1000 to $5000 a month.

Free Methods To Do This

Over here you will not mostly get the complete script in one place but if you have luck you can.

But over here you can get its backend files mostly from this website.

But over here also I can not guarantee all types of code will be available.

But popular scripts like Image Compressor and Downloaders are mostly available on this website with backend and frontend files.

I got an image Compress file a complete file with index.html and its java file means both front end and backend file.

So just now today visit the StackOverflow website.

Over here you will get mostly all scripts as I said.

This website is a community of developers where you have to get answers to your questions.

It’s just like a Quora question answering website of developers.

So just give it a try and find your PHP scripts now.

Or what you can do is just find those scripts also for free on youtube.

Over here on youtube also many posts a complete file with index file and its backend scripts which anyone can start using by their Youtube guides only.

You can easily learn this on Youtube and many developers teach to create all types of tools. Plus many new bloggers also create tools and add them to their blogs.

By this their traffic also grows and many readers stick to their blogs and website for a longer time as they need those tools to work with them on daily basis.

Now what you can do is next if you don’t want to do all this is.

Hire A Freelancer Online

Like you can easily hire a freelancer from Fiverr and UpWork At a very cheap cost.

You can get any new freelancers to do this work.

Plus you can create many different types of tools from where just you have to add them on your website they will also guide you to do that if you ask them.

So just start with it now not too much investment is required on many freelancing websites like Fiverr and Upwork from $5 to $50 for a script.

So just give this a try it requires a small investment which you can easily do.

If you also don’t have that amount here is a detailed guide for you to earn from zero investment by some of your valuable skills easily now.

As many bloggers stick with this blog as they want to do their work with these tools.

So start creating your very first tool now by any of the methods which we had mentioned.

You can easily monetize it by many ad networks also.

Plus now you can also link them up with some of the affiliate products as a banner ad on the side of your website.

Just create some tools which will easily get viral and there is a huge search volume for those tools.

Like just use some SEO tools to do that work easily which are active in the market.

SEO tools like ahrefs or semrush are the best keyword-finding tools.

If you want free keywords finding tool then use a tool like Google keyword planner which is best fr beginners and it’s free from Google for those who want to find keyword search volume for their ads.

So there are lots of free stuff available on the internet which you can use and start it just completely on you.

How much effort you put in and start.

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