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Best WordPress Themes For Beginners

People on the internet like to browse websites that are user-friendly and easy to navigate. Easy-to-load websites tend to captivate more users which will generate more traffic. WordPress themes are available to use to help you create your website. 

Best WordPress Themes For Beginners

The best WordPress themes allow you to enhance and develop your website. They have available themes for any website that you intend to build. The different WordPress themes will help you present your brand’s content clearly and concisely to your website’s readers. You can browse through the list below to learn about the themes. The information will also help you choose the best theme that will suit your website.

Astra Theme

Astra is one of the best WordPress themes, with over 1 million websites using it. It can be used for blogs, portfolios, and even online stores. Its support for the plugins of the page builder WordPress lets you easily customize your website. 

Astra also lets you import high-quality website designs that transform your website into the best there is. Though this theme is free of charge, you can also upgrade it to its pro-version. Five key features of the Astra theme make it one of the best. 

  • Good Performance – Take note that having a faster website performance attracts a lot of visitors. The Astra theme is a very lightweight theme that will help improve the speed and performance of your website. The reason behind its good performance is that it is built in a minimal code structure. The developers of this theme make sure that it is built in a very optimum way.
  • Easy Customization – Customization is also another aspect that makes one theme stand out among others. And Astra has just that. It has customization options that will help you personalize your website the way you want. Astra’s free version has many customization features. But its premium version has a lot of editable options. 
  • Compatibility of the Page Builder – The developers of the Astra theme built the theme to be compatible with the powerful WordPress page builder plugins. With that, using it on your website gives you convenience. Astra supports the Gutenberg, Brizy, Elementor, and Beaver Builder page builder plugins. This is also one of the reasons why Astra is one of the best WordPress themes.
  • Layout Options – By using Astra, you will have numerous options with your website’s layout. Numerous available designs result in the convenient showcasing of the different types of information you want to put on your website. 
  • Header/Footer Builder – This feature is the latest Astra theme (Astra 3.0). This header and footer builder lets you create and edit in a drag-and-drop interface. With that, customization and the editing of your website become easier.

Generatepress Theme

Another theme that belongs to the best WordPress themes is the Generatepress theme. Just like the Astra theme, the Generatepress teme is also lightweight. This theme focuses on the excellent and fast performance of a website. It is the smallest-sized theme in WordPress with a size of less than 30 kB. 

In the five years since the theme its launch, Genratepress theme has had over 200,000 installs. Its rating is also at its best, garnering 848 out of 858 reviews of 5-star rating in the WordPress repository. Along with its features discussed below, the user ratings also prove that Generatepress is one of the best WordPress themes.

  • Fast-loading Performance – The developers of the Generatepress theme built the theme while considering its performance. They made sure that it is fast-loading that will please the visitors. 
  • Typography and Colors – The free version of the Genratepress theme allows you to easily change the colors and typography of the content of your website. Moreover, the premium version is much better as it will enable you to customize almost every visible element of your website. 
  • Layout Control – Different visitors to your website, will use different types of devices. Whether they visit your website using their laptops or their phones, Generatepress assures you that its layout is not damaged. The layout controls, such as the sidebar, margins, padding, etc., will let you take complete control of your website’s layout.
  • Plugin Compatible – Generatepress is compatible with a lot of plugins. It lets you install your favorite plugins without any trouble doing it. 

Divi Theme

Another theme that is one of the best WordPress themes is the Divi theme. In contrast to the Astra and Generatepress themes, the Divi theme focuses on its design flexibility. Its drag-and-drop Divi builder lets you build your website without the need for any custom code. 

The Divi theme is suitable for any type of website you are to build. Since its first launch in 2013, the theme has been improved and updated regularly. Along with its drag-and-drop Divi builder tool, it also has numerous website templates, various customization options, and valuable features that make it one of the best WordPress themes available.

  • Content Templates – Divi assures its users of high-quality content templates. The available templates available range from business, sports, online stores, and etc. kinds of websites. In addition to that, Divi has a layout pack for its users. These layout packs are designed for a specific website. Thus, you can choose the best one for your website. 
  • Divi Builder – One of the highlights of the Divi theme is the Divi builder (drag-and-drop). This feature makes editing your website a lot easier. It uses rows and columns to help you build your website. 
  • Portability – If you intend to create many websites, the Divi theme is perfect to use. Its high portability makes it easy to transfer your layouts between WordPress websites. It will also help you save time when you are designing multiple websites. 
  • Optimization Tool – Divi also has the split-testing tool that will help you monitor which part of your website visitors tend to use or interact with. Though this feature is rare in other themes, it is still a helpful tool for website creators. 

The Astra, Generatepress, and Divi themes are just some of the best WordPress themes available for you to use. Different themes have its different highlight and critical features. Thus, choosing the one to use will have to depend on how you intend your website to work and appear. If you aim for fast website performance, Astra or Generatepress is the best to use. For the designing aspect, you should go for the Divi theme.

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