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Best Web Hosting Companies (Used By Us Personally)

If you want to start an online business or a blog.

Then you will need the best web hosting, which should be secure, fast, cheap and should have a 24/7 customer care service.

top web hosting

There are many different types of hosting available, but the popular are Shared hosting, which are very cheap and have all the features for a small startup.

Like they will provide you with a free domain, SSL certificate, email account, many provide CDN also and more.

So if you also want to start with shared hosting, then the best ones are for you,

Bluehost  Which is one of the top pick at a very purchasable rate.

Hostinger – This is also a best hosting company at very cheap rates.

These are my top two selections in Shared hosting, which anyone can afford easily and start their first blog.

I had personally started with these two web hosting only.

There are also many other hosting companies like,

  • Siteground
  • A2 hosting
  • Hostgator
  • Greengeeks
  • Inmotion
  • DreamHost
  • WP Engines
  • CloudWays
  • Nexcess

These are also some best hosting providers with some best features. Some of them are costly also so its on you which you want to pick.

This question must be in your mind,

Should you use free hosting or not?

So it would be best if you never used free hosting.

Because in blogging or starting a business, you want to grow and make it as a brand or earn a profit from it.

You will need a fast hosting; first. Free hosting is not the best.

Their server crashes sometimes, and the pages also load very slowly.

What you can do is, go with the best and affordable Hostinger Single Shared Hosting which will cost you around $48 or less for four years, which will be my suggestion for those who want to go with free hosting.

Invest a minimal amount for a longer time. And they don’t provide a free domain in Single shared hosting which you can purchase for less than $2 to $4 for one-year subscription by Godaddy or Namecheap easily.

So start with the most reliable hosting company first and then upgrade your plans.

But never try to use the free hosting as it will never work for you guys.


Bluehost step 1

One of the recommended web hosting companies by itself.

This is best as it’s easy to use, and it has a one-click WordPress installation process.

Plus they provide many other features at very cheap rates. If you are a beginner and want to start your first web site, you should use Bluehost.

Over here, they will provide you with a free domain, SSL certificate, best free CDN, 30 days money-back guarantee, and best customer care services.

So if you have any issue while using web hosting, then you can quickly contact them.

They have over two million websites hosted on there server. Bluehost was founded in 1996, plus they have over 750 employees working with them.

And their uptime is about 99.99% which makes a very reliable option for beginners.

Plus you can easily integrate Bluehost with Cloudflare, which will allow you to keep your website safe from the attackers.

So the security options are also fully provided by Bluehost as there are several hackers worldwide who will try to hack your website.

Plus CDN will help you to make the site load faster.

If your user from the nearby hosted country tries to access your website, it will load faster as they will store your file worldwide in their host.

Bluehost prices start from $2.95 a month, meaning you get 63% off from regular prices.

Best plan for beginners,

  • Basic plan – $2.95/month ($106.20)
  • Period – 36 months


One of the best and cheap web hosting companies with lots of features that are easy to use.

Hostinger is also my top pick for beginners as it’s affordable and can be used by anyone.

They have 20+ language customer care support, which will help you if you’re in any trouble while using their services.

When I wanted to move from Siteground to Hostinger, they migrated my sites in one days only.

Without causing any issues on my websites.

They will quickly reply to your emails plus they also have a live chat process which you can take help of.

They will provide you with a free domain, SSL, email account and more at the price point of $0.99 per month.

Plus if you don’t have the budget then go with there, Single shared hosting plan which will cost you less than $50 for four years.

So Hostinger is the best option to start with. Easy to use and manage your wordpress site. Their dashboard is also clean.

And they are not stuffed with any other promotional products. As their customer care and uptime is best, which is 99.9%.

If you want you can upgrade to their pro plan also quickly. They also have a cloud hosting that will help you start growing your site, if you have a little bit high investment.

Hostinger Premium Shared Hosting prices start from $1.99 per month if you purchase this for 48 months, which will be the best offer.

  • Total cost – $95.52
  • Period – 48 Months
  • Save – $393.60

This offer is best because it will cost you $4.99/month when you will go to renew their plan.

Suppose your blog or website is not successful, and later on, you don’t have any amount to invest.

So it will be best if you purchase a more extended period hosting plan.


One of the best web hosting if you want the best customer care support 24/7. Siteground had the 98% customer satisfaction rate in 2018.

I had also personally used the Siteground hosting. And it was the best, and their prices are very high.

If you want to start a website and have a fair amount to invest, then only try Siteground.

Over here, you get daily backups, SSL certificates, unmetered traffic, and 10,000 plus visitors every month.

Plans start from $3.95 a month. If you fall into any queries while using Siteground there, customer care support will quickly help you.

Site ground has a page load average time of 750 ms and uptime of 99.99%.

Over here, I liked their new dashboard, which was very easy for me to use. They also provide you free email accounts.

Plus, there are many more features that you can use by Sitegorund as they also have their own SG optimizer plugin, which helps your website to load faster.

Best plan $3.95 a month with a $14.95 startup fee.

  • Period – 1 Year
  • Cost – $62.35

A2 hosting

This is the best web hosting if you want your pages to load 20x times.

This will help your website rank higher as if your site is getting slowly loaded, you will lose the audience, and the website’s bounce rate will also increase.

So A2 is the best option for those whose websites are getting very slowly loaded.

Over here, the prices are also a little bit cheaper as you get this A2 hosting for $3.92 a month.

Plus, A2 hosting provides many types of SSL certificates, which can help you and works with Linux and Windows.

A2 best hosting plan Lite web hosting at $3.92 a month.

  • Cost – $140.94
  • Period – 36 month
  • Save – $146


This is an affordable web hosting for a beginner. Hostgator has plans for $2.78 a month.

This is not the best web hosting in terms of page speed, but it has an uptime of 99.98%, which is also the best like in the market there are many web hosting companies uptime is about 99.94%.

So if you have a small budget, then you can go with the Hostgator shared hosting plan.

Plus, Hostgator also provides you customer care support. You can easily migrate the website with their help within 30 days after signup.

Plus they also offer a 45 days money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their services.

The hatchling plan starts from $2.78 a month, which will be best for a beginner with a low budget.

  • Cost – $100.08
  • Period – 36 Months


A very cheap and eco-friendly web hosting.

Over here, the pricing starts from $2.49 a month. You also get all the features over here by Greengeeks quickly.

Their uptime is 99.96%, and the load time is 500ms. You get a free domain, CDN, email account, SSL, unlimited data transfer, and more.

Their single shared hosting plan will also provide you with a free domain for a one-year subscription.

So do try this bizarre web hosting at very cheap rates.

You get 24/7 customer care support with all the features at $2.49 a month.

You can run your e-commonness site over her with their free shopping cart installations.

Get their Eco site Lite plan of $2.49 a month.
Period – 36 month

  • Cost – $116.15
  • Save – $226


This is also the best web hosting, which you can use with lots of features. You get the best deal of $4.99 a month.

With a free email account, SSL certificate, 2x performance, and speed. This is also the best web hosting as it’s been in the market for more than 16 years.

You should use this website if you want the best features and want your site to load faster.

Their customer care is also the best with security options for you.

They also offer you a shared, virtual private server, dedicated hosting, and wordpress hosting with lots of tools that will help you build your website faster. Their plans are just costly.

If you have a fair amount, then try this hosting provider.

Best hosting plan to save your amount,

  • WordPress hosting – $4.99/month
  • Period – 3 years
  • Cost – $179


If you want cheap and fast web hosting, then use DreamHost,
Which is best for beginners at a very cheap rate starting from $3.95 a month.

Many features like free domain, unlimited website, wordpress migration, free SSL and SSD storage, and more.

Plus, they offer 100% uptime, and you also get a 97 days money-back guarantee without any risk.

Try this hosting plan once. If you are not satisfied with their services, you can move on quickly.

Get their shared unlimited plan, which will cost you around $3.95 a month.

  • Period – 3 years
  • Cost – $93
  • Save – $99.94

So this was some top pick of mine, which are affordable and easy to use. Anyone can purchase this hosting, which are listed.

But there are more hosting, which are a little bit costly. Just have a check at their pricing point, which I am listing out.

WP Engines

This is the best who wants professional hosting for their business, which plans start from $22 per month.

  • Period – 1 Year
  • Cost – $270
  • Save – $60


This web hosting is a little bit cheaper with the best features to scale your blog. Its plan starts from $10 a month.

  • Period – 1 Year
  • Cost – $120


One of the best and powerful web hosting with the starting plan of $49 a month.

  • Period – 1 Month
  • Cosot – $49

These were some best hosting that you should use. All are best; some are costly, some are cheap.

The last three web hostings which I listed are a little pricey. But their features and services are worth it. So its on you which you want to try.

If you have a small budget and want reliable hosting,

If your budget is a little bit high and wants to scale your business, then try,

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