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Best Ways To Make Money Online ( Made $3000 In A Year )

Work from home which is now very popular and everyone wants to make a side hustle or want to work as a full-timer from home.

But do you know that working from home is not a piece of cake for everyone and especially not for those who can not keep patience and invest time without expecting anything in the beginning.

If you want to know the best ways to make money online effortlessly and for a longer time then you will require to have patience in you.

Plus most important you will have to learn skills and work online around those skills only.

Today we will be seeing how to work from home skillfully step by step and also be discussing the real methods plus some long-term methods and those which will be consuming lots of your time and you will earn a small amount from it.

Best Ways To Make Money Online

About me working online from 2018 still now did all types of online work like,

Survey Jobs



Digital Marketing


So these were some online jobs which I had done, as from some I earned zero to $1000 by working for a longer time.

Let’s understand step by step which worked well for me.

Plus we will also see some more online jobs which you should try which I got to know while working online.

Just you will have to invest time and work hard then only you can earn from those jobs.

The Biggest Myth Online Is That.

Quick Earning Methods To Make Money Online Daily.

Quick online earning methods don’t exist online as mostly those are scams and wasting your time I had fallen for numerous of those jobs and daily invested 6 to 8 hours and earned only less than $4 to zero in the ending from quick earning online methods.

  • So don’t fall for those quick earning methods.
  • Always focus on long-term methods.

Before starting this guide the online earning methods which I will be mentioning mostly all will need traffic by which we can convert them into your clients.

Let it be a blog or any earning job we need traffic for that.

So to get traffic in an easy way I had created a detailed guide you can check that later and work on those platforms or formates and drive traffic over here also you will need to invest time first and gather your audience.

Online Survey Jobs

From these online jobs, I did not earn anything when I worked on at least two to three popular online survey sites.

Over there I earned around $2 to $4 I think but did not receive it.

That is why I left all these online survey jobs and I started working on other methods.

But over here I wasted a lot of time by doing Captcha jobs, especially plus some small tasks.

Many users are earning from these sites but over here you can not make your carriers for a longer time.

So leave working on survey sites and start working through your skills only online then only you can make something from it at the end.


One of the most popular methods to make money online without any investment for beginners.

Just you need any skills and some gadgets to work on.

So if you have any skills you can make money online on a long-term basis.

Plus many are earning as full-time freelancers in a couple of months only.

So if you have any skills start earning from it from now. If don’t have any skills go and learn from some free courses.

The top skills which beginners should learn are.

Graphic designing


Web development

Content writing

Video editing

Search Engine Optimziation

These were some best skills which you should learn which are highly needed in the market you can earn from it as a freelancer efficiently.

You can learn it from many sources on youtube only with a detailed guide.

Just these skills are highly popular plus there is a little bit of competition for beginners.

But if you can provide something different on the internet through these skills you can easily earn from this.

Let’s know some of the best freelancing websites to start with now.


Best for beginners to earn by any of their skills over here.

You can sell any of your skills on this best freelancing website worldwide easily just there is huge competition but many new freelancers are also earning.

Just search for their services and filter them with new sellers.

You will know how many new sellers are there and make money from those services easily you will get an idea of that competition plus you can work on low competition gig also.

Just you have to do good research of keywords over here to rank faster and have to set up your Fiverr account and gig like the professionals from the starting.


Best for freelancers how wants to work as a full-time online effortlessly from home.

You can stand in the competition if you do a little bit of hard work in the beginning and provide work like the pro over here.

After setting up your account start bidding carefully.

While biding on those projects try to also provide some demo work by their needs or just provide your old work by which you can get selected easily.

Over here you get some free bids which you have to use in the beginning to get hired.

You can charge on an hourly basis or per project it’s on you just provide quality of work and get selected.

Here also you can work on any project efficiently as these is also worldwide famous freelancing sites.

Since this two are best for new freelancers just over here there is a huge competition for beginners. But if you can survive this competition and grow your profile here you can easily make a carrier as many are earning for more than 10 to 12 years as a freelancer on this website.

Next what you can do is start using.

Social Media

Here just pick any two top social platforms and create content over there according to your skills.

Just over here, you need to create content on those top two social platforms which are popular and can share the same piece of content on those two platforms according to their formats like.

If you can create a portrait video.

You can share this video easily on Instagram, Pinterest, and Youtube.

As the formates of videos are the same on these popular platforms and your work will easily get a huge reach to the audience.

If you are creating portrait video content that can be easily get uploaded as,

  • Instagram Reels
  • Pinterest Video & Story
  • Youtube Short

You just need to create one piece of content and share it on these three platforms over here the organic reach is likewise higher.

You will need not spend any amount on ads just post as much as content you can on these platforms.

I had personally done this for my blogs and also got results plus you can test which works well for you and then continue in the feature.

Just add a link if you can or link in the video if you want so the audience can get navigated easily to your work.

For payment, you can use many websites like Razorpay Or Paypal to conduct payments efficiently from your customers without any websites effortlessly.


Best and very famous platform worldwide which is mostly used by many internet users and they easily spend hours on these platforms.

Over here if you can create a high quality of content around your niche in the form of video and shorts easily you can make a good living out of it.

Just the golden rule of getting success over here is – consistency.

If you can be consistent you can get success in any niche over here plus earn a huge amount from here.

Many are running their complete business on youtube only. Just they started earlier and were consistent.

If you can provide content on the long-term basic go and start creating content over here.

If you want manageable success on youtube start creating YouTube shorts and earn from here easily and you can actually earn from $100 to $1000 or more by YouTube Shorts.

Don’t want to show your identity or don’t have any gadgets to start. So just start creating Shorts with your mobile and make a good amount just have to do voiceovers or create quality content.

Plus youtube has provided a huge fund for creators who are working on Youtube Shorts. Youtube had funded around million dollars.

So just give it a try and make money around. Just be consistent if you are working here start it as a side hustle as this is the best way to make money online nowadays.

Over here I had run more than four YouTube channels but failed in half of them.

The reason was consistency.

But after learning from my mistakes I started a channel in ending of 2020 in December and posted regularly for two months.

But we did not gain any success but left that channel to and after four to five-month, I saw that the channel some two to three videos got more than 100k views and gained more than 1000 subscribe and my monetization criteria were also achieved.

Then again started a new channel on digital marketing but over here just posted reels and got success also in a couple of months.

Over here I did not reveal my identity just sometimes used voice-over and create all the videos by Canva and posted them this channel was created to drive traffic for this blog which you are reading now side by Pinterest.

And got success over here and Pinterest also just by uploading the same content daily which can be created on youtube in form of shorts and on Pinterest in form of pins videos.

So on youtube also I had made something from it and you can also do it at least use voice-over for easy success as I noticed that video with computer voice-over was not getting any reach on youtube shorts too.

So start creating an original voice over a good and clear voice-over for youtube shorts which will be for 20 to 60 sec only.

If you just want youtube shorts to provide traffic and don’t want to make money like me so just create shorts and upload it with any music in the background from the youtube shorts playlist and make money from that traffic which you will be driving on your blog.

Digital Marketing

Many are earning from digital marketing nowadays as this is a popular skill that everyone should learn.

Over here you can make money online by multiple methods easily now.

Plus these skills can easily nowadays be learned for free online through youtube.

  • SEO
  • Content Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Data/Analytics
  • Affiliate

Plus many more skills can be learned by youtube effortlessly which will be best for beginners to make money online.

As these skills are in demand on the internet plus you can provide services as a freelancer online.

Over here I did affiliate marketing and social media marketing for myself and earned money from them.

So, in the end, these skills are easily in demand in the market plus very easy to learn but you will need to be consistent and do your practice to be pro in these skills and give service to others.

Plus there are many new tools available for free or with limited options for beginners to practice on if you don’t have any amount to invest in the beginning.

Rather than the skills which I had mentioned there are many other top skills with some micro-skills which you can learn and provide services.

Don’t aim for the popular services start with those services which are in demand but are low competitive for beginners to provide services.

Like now if you start giving SEO services there is huge competition in the market.

But if you provide services for Email marketing or building funnels these services are low competitive as of now.


Best and very popular plus little bit competitive methods to make money online.

I am personally doing blogging since 2019 but at the beginning of the year, I did not make any amount from this.

But when I started making money from blogging I earned around $333 in just two months which was huge for me from Adsense only.

And in a month I made more than $3000 from that blog. But in between two to three months I did not work on this blog and many times I had also faced issues while blogging.

But continued with that blog and I was consistent with blogging and created more than two to three blogs.

The niches where,

  1. Earn Money Online
  2. Fashion
  3. Fitness
  4. Digital marketing

In this, on fashion, I failed and left that blog.

Over here I wrote around 25 to 30 blog posts and failed in this blog as over here I was not consistent plus was not able to produce quality content.

Since over here I was not able to give time and work on other social platforms to drive traffic to that blog.

And the reason was that at that time I saw that this is a very popular niche plus many others in this niche were earning more than $1000 per month.

Plus found many low competition keywords to work on but the content was very poor and could not even rank.

Plus the bounce rate was also higher around 90 percent on my blog.

So just left that blog and moved on to this blog.

But if I would have just started a YouTube channel around this niche I could have got an easy success in a few months only easily.

Over there I have seen tons of Youtube channels and they are also making a really good amount from it.

Plus they promote lots of brands and also earn from affiliates and AdSense.

So if you can see which niche works on which platforms or by which methods it will be easy for you to get success more easily and comfortably.

But if you also don’t want to make mistakes like this and earn online and be successful in blogging then get a step by step guides.

These blog posts are best for beginners to start with now,

If you can start this step by step as we mentioned above then it can be easier for you to understand the basics and start a blog with a small investment also.

By just gathering all the tools and likewise top marketing resources online.

If you just go on youtube and also search to start a blog there are tons of videos but many of them will start pitching you paid courses.

Still many courses are worth it but many are not as that content is available for free if you want to buy any courses just first do your research about that blogger then only buy any courses from them.

Plus nowadays many sells course or ebooks at just $10, a little bit more or less.

This course or ebook is just always a demo of their premium courses which they will be pitching you after you buy their low-budget courses.

So don’t fall for these as I had likewise purchased two to three courses like those only and over there value was not that great which I was thinking. Plus at those ranges, you will be getting that value content only.

So just wanted to add up to you also as there are many of those courses online.

So that’s it,

In the end, just a small guide for those who don’t have any amount to invest.

So you guys can start your journey on top social media platforms.

Over here what you can do is just start any account on any platforms like Youtube, Instagram, Linkedin, or any other social platform.

And start building your audience on these platforms by any of the methods you can also share the link by creating free landing pages for your affiliate products and making money in the initial days.

Plus by this, you will first grow your audience and also earn something and then start a blog from that money.

This will be best to see if you have that knowledge in you or not.

Plus it is easier for beginners to create short content for their blog before only and your knowledge will also grow.

And in the beginning, only you will not need to write a depth article.

This was just for those who don’t have any amount to invest or those who are not 100% sure to start a blog by investing any amount.

Over here on social platforms, you can also test multiple types of content in your niche plus the best part will be, your traffic will be built before starting your main blog correspondingly.

If you go and see on many popular social platforms that many are just using social media platforms to make around $2000 or more than this a month.

Plus you will also know one of the main factors that can you be consistent with this niche on at least any social platform.

And in the end, just thinking of starting a blog will not work, you will have to take action.

Disclaimer – This blog post is all about the best ways to make money online which I had also personally used to earn online.

In many, I failed or late success but I was consistent on those in which I got success and tother were waste of time or I could not provide time and deliver value to the audience that why I failed.

So this was just a detailed guide for those who are confused to start working online.

For many, these ll methods may not work as they must be having deep knowledge in other filed but wanted to start this jobs as they just have seen others earning reports or easy methods maybe.

So just think before starting anything online do research and if you are okay start it as per your budget and knowledge online as in many you will need investment.

And there is no guaranty for you as I am not a financial advisor.

Just providing you with my knowledge and experience over here.

Thank you, also check out my other post.

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