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Best 11 SEO Tools In Budget For Professionals

Search engine optimization is one of the keys to rank your blog higher on any search engine.

For this, you will need some best SEO tools to do your research and track your growth.

seo tools

Over here, I will be adding some of the best and helpful tools to provide you accurate results.

So you can rank higher, and you can easily track your growth online. As we all know, SEO takes time.

So we have to always first do some research then implement and see what the results coming out are. So for this, we will be using this tool to succeed faster.

This tool will help you do keyword research, check your backlinks growth, and analyze your website or competitor’s websites.

Plus, essential work can be done with these tools. Over here, most of the tools which I will be adding are paid tools.

But they also provide a small trial period which you can use and make your decision.

This is how I came through Ahrefs, Semrush and started using these two tools for all my SEO work online to run my blogs successfully.

Before starting, if you don’t have any budget and require to search for some best keywords to rank your blog.

Then use these unique keyword tools.

This is one of the best free tools to find keywords.

Over here, the results will be accurate, and you can find some best keywords for your blogs and use them in your content easily.

google keyword

Google keyword planner is used for Google ads to easily place their ad by knowing the keywords volume, competition, and rates.

This is a free tool that a beginner can use and find keywords.

I had personally used this keyword tool to find some keywords competition.

And you also know the volume of the keyword quickly over here.

How to use these tools

  • First, visit the Google Adword website.
  • Then click on Keyword Planner.
  • After this, you will have to click on get search volume and forecasts.
  • Just use any keywords in your niche and get started.
  • Then you will have to click on historical metrics.
  • You will find that keyword volume and competition easily.

So over here, you will know the volume of the exact keywords only.

If you don’t have a budget, then only use this free google keyword planner option.

Or you can go with some best-Paid tools.

So over here are some best SEO tools.


All in one, SEO tools is ahrefs over here. You don’t need to be an expert to do SEO.

You have to use this tool efficiently and rank higher.

Over here, you can quickly analyze your competitor’s website and see which keywords he is ranking and check his backlinks to grow your domain authority.


Ahrefs is the best and a recommended tools by every pro blogger.

Over here on ahrefs, you can also learn how to use these tools and get results as they also have their strong community and support.

I use this tool to do my keyword research and find some low competition keywords for my blogs.

So they have their trial plan also of $7 for seven days, which you can use and make your decision to purchase it or not.

Best features of ahrefs,

  • Find keywords
  • Analyze your and competitors website
  • They have their content explorer
  • Optimize our website
  • Track backlinks growth

And many more features and filters are available for you to get results faster over here.

So start using this fantastic SEO toolkit for your blog.

You will find tons of articles and videos on the internet to do our research over here on Ahrefs.

Ahrefs Plans,

Ahrefs pro plan starts from $99 per month.

Ahrefs plan

Check out this video and learn how to use Ahrefs,

Advanced web rankin

This tools is best to track your blog ranking quickly. Over here on Advanced Web Rankin, you will find out your blog ranking position.

You will get an accurate result, and this tools is effortless to use by anyone. With customizable report is provided.


Plus, over here on AWR, you get SERP features to track your growth plus, localized ranking and mobile tracking system is also available in AWR.

On AWR, you also get your SEO reports, which are easily customizable and scalable.

Plus, you can share these reposts with your clients too. AWR is the best SEO tools to track your complete growth on the internet.

With In-depth SEO analysis, with your personal notes and descriptions and fully customizable.

Including over here, you can also track your competitors and stay on top.

With the help of Advanced Web Rankin, you can quickly monitor your competitors in SERPS, plus you can even know the complete keywords strategies which they use.

Best features of AWR,

  • Reliable website ranking
  • Local and mobile ranking data
  • With custom SEO reports
  • Competitors Research

AWR Plans,

AWR plan starts from $49 per month.

AWR plans

Over here, you get some free tools that will help you to track google algorithm, SERP analysis, and With CTR insights.


Over here, you can do all your SEO work. Semrush provides keyword research tools, content marketing, SEO, and with social media analytics. You can do more competitive research over here and rank faster.


Semrush is one of the top growing tools which we used by many big brands.

As you can quickly analyze your traffic, keyword research, check your backlink profile over here with SERP tracking and SEO audit.

Over here, you can also get content ranking tips like you can analyze your content and rank higher with the topic, which can blend with your audience, and you also get SEO tips to improve the content on your blog.

Semrush provides some best tools for you to do all your SEO work on this single tool only.

Plus, you can learn how to reach more audiences in your niche by spending less on your advertisements and doing market research and social media optimization.

This is likewise provided in this tool by Semrush to get results faster than your competitors.

So I will highly suggest you use this tool to do all your research.

Best features of Semrush,

  • Content Marketing
  • SEO optimization
  • Keyword research
  • Adverting analysis
  • Social Media
  • Market research

Semrush plan,

Semrush Pro plan starts from $119 per month.


One of the fast results analyzing SEO tools. GrowthBar is the best tools if you like to know all about your competitors on google search results.

Over here, they provide a google chrome extension that you can use and see all the backlinks profile keywords of your competitors, ranking on search engines easily.


This is one of the best tools for small business freelancers. You get quick results from GrowthBar.

I especially recommend this tool if you want any competitive analytics on the search engine’s feed.

With keywords ranking results and many more features are provided to you by GrowthBar.

Best features of GrowthBar,

  • Get to know about the ranking difficulty.
  • Keywords suggestion and export them easily in excel sheet.
  • Get complete analysis on SERP feds only.
  • Analyze your ads also.

GrowthBar plan,

GrowthBar monthly plan are $29.

GrowthBar Price


Moz is also one of the best SEO tools on our list. Over here, you can quickly check your backlinks profile.

Analyze your growth and do keyword research over here. Moz has its own chrome extension by which you can review your competitor’s backlink, spam score quickly.


They have this tool with a free version also. I am personally using their extension to know all about my backlinks and spam score quickly.

So I will recommend you download that chrome extension now.

Plus, you can track your ranking, Moz also provides site audits.

So you can quickly audit your site and find out all the irrelevant factors which are not allowing you to rank higher.

And do your backlink analysis easily over here and find the right keywords for your blogs.

Best features of Moz,

  • Performance tracking
  • Backlinks analysis and extension
  • Keywords in-depth research
  • Site audits

Moz plan,

Moz provides a $99 monthly standard plan.

Moz plan


Suppose you want an all in one tool for SEO purpose and digital marketing.

Then you should use the Serpstat tool. Over here, you can do all your work quickly, like finding keywords, advertising analysis, backlinks analysis, rank tracking, market intelligence, and many more.

So this is the best tool for digital marketers. Many big companies also use this.


They have a spotless dashboard where you can know everything quickly.

Track your competitor’s backlinks over here on Serpstat. Plus, this is the best tool for advertising analysis especially.

You also get a free trial plan so you can use this tool and make your choice.

Best features of Serpstat

  • Rank tracking
  • Backlinks Analysis
  • Keyword research
  • Competitors research
  • Site audits

Serpstat plan,

Serpstat lit plan $69 per month.

Serpstat plan

Know why you should use these tools now,


Mangools provides several SEO tools like backlink checker, keyword finder, rank tracking, SERP tracking, and many more features are provided by Mangools.

This tools price range are relatively lesser than the other top SEO tools.

You get their free plan also, which is for 10-days. So you can make the judgment by using its free program first.


Many big companies also use this tool for their work. You can quickly check backlinks like those are do follow or no follow backlinks on linkminer smoothly.

So try this excellent tool. Just go through all features to make your judgment as its to cheap and provide some accurate results like their backlinks analysis.

Top features on Mangools,

  • Keywords Finder
  • Backlink Checker
  • SERP Checker
  • SEO metric and insights

Mangools plan,

It starts from a $49 monthly basic plan.

Mangools plan


Over here, you get a complete idea about your competitor ranking keywords, which can help you guys.

Plus, they also have many more features in their tools, like SEO analysis, PPC research, keyword research, Keyword rank checker and SERP checker, and more.

Over here, Spyfu provides a 30 days money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their tool.


Spyfu provides ppc research like Google ads competitors, keywords research, track your competition and rank higher, plus google ads templets.

So do try these fantastic SEO tools by Spyfu as they offer many products there at a low price, which is best for beginners.

So you can also grow your blog quickly.

Best features of Spyfu,

  • SEO competitor analysis.
  • PPC research.
  • Keyword research.
  • Backlinks analyzer.

Plus there are more tools which you can use at very cheap rates. So do checkout once.

SpyFu plan,

You get this SpyFu Basic plan for $39 per month.


Semscoop is a keyword analyzing tool which is the best tool to find keyword for your blog.

Semscoop also has many other features that you can use and grow your blog quickly.

Learn how to find long-tail keywords so you can rank your new blog easily. With some additional features to analyze your backlinks and SEO.

They also have SERP analytics, where you can know all the metrics.

Plus, with accurate search volume for the keywords. Semscoop comes with a content quality checker.

They provide a free plan also which has limited options for you to use. So try the free Semscoop tool and purchase it if you are satisfied with their services.

Best features of Semscoop,

  • Get accurate search volume.
  • SEO difficulty tools.
  • Content quality checker.
  • Advance link profile checker.

Semscoop plan,

They have a free plan with a $9 monthly plan also.

Semscoop plan


One of the best tools for a beginner, which I can suggest. This tool was first completely free, but now Neil Patel has made this a premium tool.

But their prices range are very low. You can quickly get their free plan access also.

If you want more results from Ubersuggest, then you have to upgrade your account.


I had also used this tool to find keywords for my blog in the beginning.

Their results used to be entirely accurate. Plus, now you can also audit your site and get the information also to fix them quickly.

If you don’t have any budget to invest in SEO tools, you should definitely go with Ubersuggest only for better results or go with Google keyword planner, a google tool only.

Best features of Ubersuggest,

  • You get keyword analytics.
  • Find backlinks growth.
  • Do site audit.
  • Find the solution to your site’s issues.

Ubersuggest plan,

Ubersuggest is available for free also, but they have a $12 monthly plan.

Ubersuggest plan

Google Search Console

This is a Google SEO tools; only over here we get all analytics about our website.

It means on which keywords we are getting traffic. We also can track over here the click and the impression which are coming on our site.

This tool will help you to fix issues with your website. This is one of the recommended tools to use on your site.

Search Console

If you want to index your site, then you should use this tool. You can easily index your blogs on google through these tools.

I use this tool, and I always get updates which are the issues on site, like speed issues.

They show which posts are getting loaded slow on mobile and desktop devices.

Best features on google search console,

  • Index your website.
  • Track your growth.
  • Find all the issues on your website.
  • Plus, metadata testing is also available with security monitoring.

Google search console is free to use.

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