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Best Affiliate Programs By Which You Can Earn High Commissions

Want to start affiliate marketing and make money from it. Then it is the best decision in 2021.

Affiliate marketing is best because over here, you can easily start earning a passive income. Around here, you can start earning from a small amount of traffic too.

You need the right audience who can purchase this product.

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketing is the most trending monetization method nowadays.

Because over here, the possibilities of getting approval are simple. Also, many of the companies are available, that is providing affiliate programs with high commission rates.

Affiliate process
Affiliate process

So if you are a beginner, then get this detailed guide in which we will perceive some top affiliate programs by which we can easily start monetizing a website.

Some of the affiliate programs will provide affiliate products for all kinds of niches.

Affiliate earning a commission
Affiliate earning a commission

So just refer to your audience to some useful affiliate products and make a commission from them.

So let’s get into it,

Affiliate marketing is the best method to earn just by referring our audience and making a commission from it.

However it sounds easy, but it’s hard to convey to the audience to take action. So what can we do is.

First, when we are starting affiliate marketing.

We have to look for some best products in our niche (means on the topic of your website) and provide them with detailed information on your blog.

find best products in our niche

So when some will land on that page, they will get to know all about that product’s best terms.

Then you should provide every single piece of information about it from signup to using that product.

By this, you are providing your audience with complete details about the product by your blog only.

They will start taking quick actions and create their account by our affiliate link as many affiliate products are available, providing free trial days.

So the audience can use the products and make their decisions.

Okay, but we should also keep this in mind when we start an affiliate blog.

Its not necessary that the every product which we will be promoting should have an affiliate program.

Suppose you think that you will only be adding up affiliate products. Then by this, you’re not trying to provide value to your audience.

First, you should provide value and also list those useful product which is not having affiliate commission.

You can add up some more helpful affiliate products which are necessary to use with that product to get more results faster.

Or you can also link some other affiliate products that are best and have low price range and with some best features.

Let’s take an example.

Suppose I am suggesting you a nonaffiliate product like Ahrefs.

In that case, which does not have an affiliate program but it’s the best tool to find keywords online to rank your blog faster.

nonaffiliate product

Over here, what I can do is then I can tell you to get also Grammarly the best tool to write content after finding your keyword to rank faster, as Grammarly is an affiliate program.

Or you can do one more thing is that you can suggest Ahrefs and also tell that as Semrush which is also an another best SEO tool.

Which has small pricing different but best with all the same features to purchase for your audience.

So you should likewise provide your audience first with value. So they can have trust in you.

Which I think is the best method to do affiliates nowadays. You have to convey to them to purchase the product which will be helpful for their work.

Plus, you should also use some best Email marketing tools to convey to your audience to purchase those products.

If you are a beginner, use the Convertkit email marketing tool, which provides a 1000 subscriber limit in the free version.

Then you will have to upgrade it to the paid version.

Email Marketing Tools To Convey Your Audience

By this, you can send them mail about that product, which will be useful for them with your affiliate link and blog.

As you must also be getting many emails from a blogger who must be promoting affiliate products or sending their updates about the blogs.

If you don’t have a blog start with Bluehost. And run your first blog at a very cheap rate. Get your deal now

Now let’s see some best affiliate programs to earn from.

CJ Affiliates

This is one of the best affiliate networks with all the suitable products worldwide in every category.

So this affiliate program can be beneficial for you guys.


I am personally using the CJ affiliate network and promoting their numerous affiliate products online.

Over here, you just need a blog to promote your products. If you don’t have a blog, you can go with Bluehost and start your first blog with a free domain quickly.

Your blog should be influential, which should be filled with original content, as this will help you get approval from the top affiliate networks.

Because when my blog was new and just joined the CJ affiliate. I use not to get accepted by any affiliate products.

So after some time, I realized that you should write some detailed blogs on that product you are planning to promote and then only apply for those affiliate products online.

Over here, the account creation process is also very easy.

You just need to add all the correct information, and your account will get quickly approved.

Besides here, you can earn easily from $20 to $100 per sale as there are many products available that are providing high commissions.

So start working with CJ affiliate.

How to signup with CJ affiliates,

  • First, visit the CJ official sites.
  • Click on the signup button, which will be on the top corner.
  • Then signup as a publisher as we want to promote the product.
  • You will get redirected to a page, fill out the form and verify your email.
  • Then you will have to accept their terms and conditions.
  • After this, login to the CJ affiliate dashboard.

Next, you will have to fill out some forms on your CJ account. They will guide you to fill out the applications.

  • In this form, first, you will have to add the user information.
  • Then you will be asked to complete the network profile, which is very important.
  • After this, you have to add a promotional property, which means on which blog sites you’re going to promote CJ products. So just take your time and fill out this property.
  • You have to add your company details; if you are confused, you can easily add up your blog name. And add the tax information.
  • Then you will just have to add your payment information.
  • After this, you will be asked some questions which you have to answer.

Just keep in mind that you have to be careful when you will fill these six forms and take your time and fill them.

CJ will guide you while filling the application.

So fill this out correctly and get your account approved easily.

Digistore 24

Over here, you will get many products to promote.

I had added these affiliate programs because over here, the approval process is straightforward.

Your account gets quickly approved, and you can start promoting the affiliate offer, which are listed.


Plus, the affiliate product cookies, which Digistore24 store is 180 days.

It means when someone lands on your affiliate pages. And visit the affiliate product but do not purchase at the same time.

But if he bought it before the cookies expire, you get the commission easily.

You get many different types of products to promote over here in a different category.

Like you will get trading, digital, gym products and many more.

All are the top-ranking product to promote over here. Many new affiliate marketers are earning more than $1000 from digistore24 promptly.

I personally recommend this affiliate network to you.

Over here, if you want to get many sales quickly, you should then pick the product that is a little bit old—which means that it has been registered for a long time.

Then look at the cart conversion rate and cancellation rate.

If you pick the top cart conversion product from here means those products are quickly sold.

So you can also start working on those kinds of products and earn from them.

How to signup with Digistore24,

  • You just have to visit the main page.
  • Then you will have to click on the signup button.
  • Fill out the form and signup as an affiliate or vendor.
  • Then confirm your mail.
  • Add all the payment details.
  • After signup, you will see a marketplace button on the top right corner.

Click over there and get access to all the products which is listed over there.

You will first get redirected to the top-ranking affiliate product.

Click Bank

Clickbank one of the best affiliate programs to start with.

Click bank is one of the highest affiliate programs by which you can make more than $1000 to $2000 per month just by any social traffic.

Several affiliate marketers are making this huge amount only by their social media account.


But this affiliate program is not providing approval for many affiliate marketers in different countries.

As I also have not got approval from click bank a single time. But affiliate marketers who are getting simple approval from this network are making a good amount from it.

That is the reason I kept this on number three. As a CJ affiliate and digistore24 is best for every new affiliate marketer, they quickly approve their accounts.

Over here you also get many different products which you can promote easily and make money from it.

They have several products in every niche. So try this affiliate program and see if you are getting approval or not.

If you get the Clickbank affiliate approval, then it will be best for you.

Some products over here are best and are converting easily into sales. So definitely try this affiliate program.

And start earning from it.

Amazon Associates

One of the best affiliate programs if you have a blog on any electronic gadgets or daily use products.

Over here, you can easily promote all kinds of this product and earn a small commission from it as amazon is available in most of the top countries.

amazon affiliate

So they have their affiliate program as per the countries.

So you will be having to signup for a different amazon affiliate program, so its on you which country you want to target.

Over here, the approval process is straightforward. Your account gets approved in few minutes only.

You have to add your information correctly. So it will not get banned in the features.

Now over here, you get many products that you can use and add them to your blog.

And start generating a small commission from it. But the commission rates over here are meager.

amazon rates

But the best part is that over here, if someone clicks on your affiliate links and purchase that or any other product on that day.

Still, you get the commission quickly, which I found really best.

And over here, the bad part is that if you don’t get three sales in 6 months.

Your account gets banned. Then again, you have to add all the links to all of the products. You have to get three sales in 6 months.

How to signup on amazon,

  • First, visit the amazon associates sites.
  • Then you will have to signup with amazon. Over their on top, you will see the selected country you can change it before creating the account.
  • Fill out the application, and you will have to add the traffic source, which is very important over here.
  • After completing the application process. Just login with the amazon affiliate program.
  • Then you will get all the material to promote the amazon affiliate links.

Fiverr Affiliate

This affiliate program is very best for a beginner who wants to make a good amount from affiliate marketing.

Over here, you have to suggest some best freelancers who can work for them.

You get a small commission from the amount which is paid to the freelancer.

fiverr affiliate

You can suggest to your audience all types of services like graphics, digital marketing, and many more different types of work.

You get at least 10% commission from that amount. So start recommending Fiverr affiliate services and make easy money from them.

Just you have to know how to suggest these services to the right audiences.

You can easily create a good amount from it. The services are still sold for $10,000, and many pro freelancers over here charge from $100 to $1000, mostly for any freelancing work.

So you can start promoting those freelancer and earn a commission from it as this is one of the best freelancing sites in the world with more than 250+ services, which are very needed nowadays for every new startup.

How to join Fiverr Affiliate,

  • Over here, you just have to signup with Fiverr affiliate official sites.
  • Then you will have to fill out the form with complete information of yours.
  • You will be redirected to another page where you will have to add your promotion methods.
  • You will then get an email of confirmation, and after this, you will have to just log in to your Fiverr account.
  • You have to choose the fiverr affiliate product which you want to promote.

( or you can get access to the Fiverr affiliate on CJ affiliates also as they also provide a Fiverr affiliate program over there )

Bluehost Affiliate

This is one of the top affiliate companies in web hosting.

Over here, you can earn a good commission just by referring hosting to your audience.

I am personally using this web hosting affiliate program, which was very easy for me to get approval and start working with them.

Bluehost Affiliate

Over here, many are earning more than $1000 in just a month. Only you have to refer and earn.

Their hosting plan starts from $75 and more. So they provide a 40% commission rate of that amount, which is excellent or more also sometimes.

You can also add up your own coupon and give your audience a more extra discount so they can easily purchase from your link only.

So start working with this amazing affiliate program and earn from it.

The payment methods is set up by PayPal, which is excellent and easy to receive payment. In the middle of the month, on 16th, you receive the payment from Bluehost easily.

How to setup Bluehost affiliate account,

  • So just scroll down to the bottom of Bluehost’s official site you will see an Affiliate option.
  • You will be redirected to the affiliate page of Bluehost; You will have to create an account of Bluehost affiliate members.
  • You will have to fill out the form.
  • Add your payment information and accept their terms and conditions.
  • Then they will review your Bluehost affiliate account in some hours only.

After this, you will have to log in to the affiliate account; you will see the Bluehost affiliate link of your which you will have to promote on your blog.

Hostinger Affiliate

Hostinger affiliate program is one another best website hosting business.

Over here, you can earn a fair amount from referring to your audience.

Since there shared, hosting plans start from less than $1 per month.

Hostinger Affiliate

So it’s a very cheap hosting that anyone can purchase.

So if you start referring to your Hostinger affiliate link, you can start getting more conversation immediately.

I am personally using this affiliate program, and the payout methods are likewise best.

You can take a payout from Hostinger when you have earned at least $60.

They offer upto $150 per sale in a tiered pricing structure, as they will provide affiliate banners and other material to promote them efficiently.

So start using this fantastic affiliate program and make money from it.

Its very easy to use and can easily get converted into sales. You have to reach the perfect audience by your blog.

How to create Hostinger affiliate account,

  • First, you will have to create an account as a partner on Hostinger.
  • Then you will have to fill out your complete information of yours.
  • First, they will ask for necessary information, after this your details. Then you will have to provide the blog link on which you will be promoting Hostinger products.
  • Then you have to apply. And after this wait for some hours, your account will have to get approval.

After your account gets approved by Hostinger, then you can start promoting their affiliate products efficiently.

You will have to provide those promotional blog links of your where you had added a detailed guide about Hostinger, and you should also have some traffic on your blog.

Okay, so if you don’t have any considerable budget to start your first blog.

Then you should try the Hostinger Single Shared Hosting. Here you get this plan for less than $48 for four years, an excellent offer for beginners.

Single Shared Hosting

Click Funnels

One of the popular landing page builders, over here in Click Funnels, you can simply earn a good commission as they have a recurring commission affiliate program by this.

You make a commission when the customer renews the account.


This means that once you refer your audience and purchase is made by your link, you get a small commission, but when they renew the account again, you receive a commission repeatedly still they use their services.

So I highly recommend this program to you.

With this type of monthly commission affiliate program, you can earn easily throughout the year.

Just refer an excellent product to your audience, and when they start using this product and renews them, you make a commission still used.

You can refer to email marketing tools and SEO tools, where you can earn every month.

How to sign up with Click funnels

  • First, visit the Click Funnels official site; you will get affiliate page access at the bottom.
  • Then you will have to signup with the Clickfunnels affiliate program.
  • Fill out the application correctly of click funnels.
  • Then just accepts their terms and conditions and start working with them.
  • After this, login to the clickfunnels dashboard, you will get the affiliate link which you have to promote.


This is an SEO tool that is very popular after Ahrefs, and this is having it’s Affiliate program where you can earn a generous commission from it.


Every new blogger needs an excellent product to find out keywords, check backlinks, and do other SEO work, so this tool can quickly get promoted, and you can earn a small commission from this.

The starting price of this tool is $119 per month. This means you will receive a 40% commission from that one sale.

So start using the Semrush affiliate program now. Just refer to the right audience. Which you can easily do nowadays.

Plus, you can earn a recurring commission over here, plus they store cookies for up to ten years.

If you suggest this tool to your audience and purchase it after some days or months, you still get the commission from semrush quickly.

So start using these fantastic affiliate programs now.

How to signup with Semrush affiliate

  • Over here, you will need to visit the Berush sites.
  • Over here, you have to signup with them, fill out the application and add all the correct information.
  • You will then have to login after signup with the Berush account and get your affiliate code.

They additionally provide more elements that you can use to promote these tools efficiently.

Just go through the affiliate account once and use it properly.

Constant Contact

One of the best email marketing tools this tool provides affiliate programs where you can earn money by just referring to your audience.

Constant Contact Affiliate

Constant Contact is the best affiliate marketing program because over here, if you refer someone and signups for the trial version of this tool, you get a $5 commission.

And if he upgrades it, you get a $105 commission from Constant Contact.

You can easily track your commission over here, and this is the best Email marketing tools that can be very helpful for your audience.

This email marketing tool lets you get a promotional property that you can use and promote this tool easily.

Plus, they have their dashboard where you can easily calculate your growth.

How to signup with constant Contact.

  • First, you will have to visit the affiliate sites.
  • Then you will have to accept their terms and conditions.
  • Then you will have to fill out the account information.
  • After this, your additional information over here. And also, your personal information is required.
  • After this, you will have to add your tax number and fill out the review section.

Grammarly Affiliate

If you want to write an SEO optimized blog, you must be using Grammarly tools, one of the best tools.

From Grammarly, you can also make money by referring it to your audience. Over here, Grammarly has their affiliate program.

Grammarly Affiliate

If someone registers by your affiliate link, then you get $0.20 in your account.

Or if someone makes a premium plan purchase by your link, you get a $20 commission from Grammarly quickly.

This is one of the best content writing tools. Anyone can purchase this premium tool or use its free version.

Moreover, you will be making a commission out of it quickly. So start using this excellent affiliate program now.

How to signup with Grammarly affiliate.

  • First, you will have to visit the Grammarly affiliate sites.
  • Then you will have to signup as an affiliate.
  • After this, fill out your application correctly.
  • Then you will have to add your promotional methods at the bottom.
  • Plus, your bank account should also accept USD payment as they send cheque payments.
  • Then accepts the terms and conditions and login to your account.

Over here, you will get many promotional methods, and affiliate links and offers quickly over her, which you can promote easily.

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Praveen Patil
February 5, 2021 12:57 pm

Very informative post. Especially, for beginners like me. I had a small question here. Iam write tech blogs, is it ok to promote hosting affiliates on my blog?

Praveen Patil
Reply to  digitalap
February 18, 2021 12:24 pm

What I am thinking to make an SEO category and post some SEO, blogging-related posts, and then I can promote such an affiliate program. what do you think? You can visit myand advise me, thanks

isuamfon offiong
February 9, 2021 3:03 am

Hi, this is a great guide to affiliate programs.

I never considered the Grammarly Affiliate program. Would like to learn more about it.

Between, it’s a great list to get started with affiliate programs.

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