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7 Ways To Earn By Amazon Affiliate Marketing

If you want to earn money online by selling products of others in any niche (topic).

Start with an amazon affiliate marketing program where you will get all types of products you can easily promote and earn a small commission.

amazon affiliate marketing

Amazon’s affiliate program is best for those whose niche is electronics, gadgets, or any other products used in our daily life.

If you want to sell digital products like services, software so this is not the best choice.

Find out some best high paying affiliate programs.

You will still be getting many products you can promote over here, but they will provide a small commission.

If you want to know the exact commission, know all about the amazon affiliate commission rates over here as they keep changing their commission rates.

But if you were targeting some big country like the uk, usa, let’s say you can earn a good amount as their purchasing power is also good and their product prices are too high.

First, do your research on the product which will be used to promote  in your niche and start using this amazon affiliate program.

In simple words, an amazon affiliate is a program where anyone who is working digitally on any platforms like social, blog or YouTube can promote their product.

If some buy the product, you will earn a small commission which is already fixed according to the product category.

Find A Product

Place It On Your Blog

Earn Commission

This means over here, you will not have to purchase any product and store them.

Just pick any powerful product, then promote it.

Do your marketing on any digital platform, and when anyone purchases, earn a commission.

Over here, you can start this for free and start it with a small investment by starting your blog.

So it’s on you. But it would be best if you start with a blog only.

It would require less than $80 for you to start a blog.

So just invest this small amount on Bluehost as you will get one-year hosting and a domain with more features for free.

How To Start With amazon associates

It’s effortless; you just have to fill out the form and all your details and specifically mention the traffic source like your blog, app, or any other platform’s link while signing.

After creating your account, you just need to create an affiliate link of that product, which is also very easy.

  • Just login to your Amazon affiliate account, then.
  • Open a new tab find for that product on the amazon official site.
  • On the top, you will find an option where you can get the link, banner, or HTML code quickly.
  • Just place that code in your blog and promote it to get traffic on your affiliate product which you are promoting.

That’s it; it’s straightforward. Anyone can do this.

Amazon affiliate rules

While starting an amazon affiliate, you should keep these rules in mind, or you will lose all the amount you have earned.

So I will be just going through all the main rules which everyone should follow not to get banned.

I will also add some solutions for you in the end.

  1. First, never purchase any product by your own affiliate links.
  2. Don’t add any price while listing any product on any platform.
  3. Don’t try to use auto-tag, automation cookies.
  4. Never shorten the affiliate link by any other tools or methods. Use the amazon shorten option instead of any tools.
  5. Never add any affiliate link in the email.
  6. Don’t create more than one account.
  7. Get at least three sales in 180 days.
  8. Never copy the amazon products text or images on your blog.
  9. Also, don’t add any links in PDF or ebooks.
  10. Don’t violate the Amazon trademark.
  11. Never add any amazon product reviews from the customers on your blog.
  12. Don’t directly promote any affiliate link on social media.
  13. It would be best if you never offered any incentive to your audience.
  14. Always add a proper buy button and mention amazon on it.
  15. Plus add an amazon affiliate disclaimer.

These were some amazon affiliate rules which you should follow while using that program.

Here, I will list some of my personally used methods that you can use without violating their amazon policies.

So let’s know some of them,

Social media

If you want to drive direct traffic from social media to the amazon affiliate pages, don’t do that as its not allowed because you do not personally own those platforms.

So over here, you can use the landing page option, which can be easily created now.

And then add that landing page link on our social account and then direct them from that landing page to the amazon affiliate product.

To Add Price

If you want to add price, you should use the best plugin, and it will not only add price.

But it will also add many other options like a comparison table: price graphs and more.

The plugin is AAWP, and it starts from only $49 a month for a single site.

Just invest some small amount, use this fantastic plugin, increase your sales, and make your site look like an expert.

If you don’t have at least three sales.

You can not use this plugin as you will require an amazon api key to use this plugin, which is generated after you start getting sales only.

But don’t list the prices on your own on your blog of any product.

These were some steps that you should follow and do not violate any amazon affiliate program rules.

Now you have to start working on your Amazon affiliate blog.

So if you are done setting up your blog and add all the pages, which are required.


Affiliate disclaimer

Privacy policy

About us, contact us

Then now, you will have first to find some best-selling amazon products in your niche and have to get traffic on that product so anyone can purchase them.

So let’s know this step by step,

First, know which county you want to targeted and best-selling product

How to find out the country

Over here, know you can target any country where amazon is being used. It is effortless.

Now it is used primarily in the top countries.

So after this, go and sign up with their amazon affiliate program.

But over here, if you want to pick the best country where you can quickly get more sales and have low competition, then use some best tools for this.

  • Ahrefs
  • Semrush

So these are the best tools because over here you will know its volume, competition.

Plus, this tool provides many more options and features that you can use for competitors analyze efficiently.

So best a small amount in these tools and find the perfect country for your niche.

Find the top selling product

So for these, it’s very easy, visit the Amazon website.

Over there, you will find an option,

Best selling product, on the left side you will see their category.

So pick the top-selling product in your niche.

Then get their link or banners and place them on your blog.

These products will be very affordable in most cases and will have a great review to sell them as beginners in your niche quickly.

So just do research and get the best product and start selling them.

But now if you have done with the product picking and placing it on your blog.

Now you will need traffic by which you will start getting traffic sales.

But over here, we will need mostly those users who require those products and can easily purchase them.

The experts will run ad campaigns and drive massive traffic to their products and offers over here.

But it cost more than $100 to $10,000 per day.

It’s all on the product and the marketer who is running the ad and can afford the amount.

But you can also go with free methods, but it will really require a good time, like months, to see traffic and convert them into a sale.

You will need to use the top growing and grown social platforms over here, which can be easily used for free now.


Instagram - (Grown Platforms)

Over here, this platform is very well grown, plus there is vast competition, and the organic reach for a new or old account is also shallow.

So over here, you will need to spend your time doing hashtags to grow your account and optimizing it properly.

Plus there are many more factors which you can use.

But over here, I also use this account to get sales on many of my various affiliate networks.

So I especially add some best stories daily with creative ideas.

If you invest some amount and grow your account quickly.

Over here, I am following a two-person who teaches to grow Instagram accounts professionally.

One is on Instagram – Meetavinash

Other is a Youtuber – Josh Ryan

So you can follow these two and get some best ideas to optimize your profile and grow them step by step.

No requirement to purchase any high costing courses.

As I had also purchased one, but the value was zero. So significantly, it was on the money-back guarantee, so I got my refund quickly.

Pinterest ( Growing Platform )

This is one of the best methods to get sales and traffic.

As this is not having that huge competition, but still 2022, it will be getting hard to rank your pins over here.

So start working on these platforms and drive huge sales.

Plus. If you target the USA or UK, this is best as this is primarily used in this country. Plus, mostly women’s use this platform.

So over here you can easily share some fantastic products.

I had also used this to sell hair products.

And I had learned all this for free on YouTube from an expert she is, Anastasia Who teaches how to grow Pinterest for free on youtube.

Okay so first, start working on these two platforms. I will not tell you to go with all the social platforms as you’re working on your own.

So just go to these two platforms for a month, after this or while working on these two platforms.

You can also do this, that the content which you will be creating just resize them as per those receptive platforms size recommendation and upload on them.

The other top platforms which you should also use are,

Linkdein ( as garvey say best platforms for organic reach )

Facebook ( create own page and add all the content over there )

Twitter ( share some valuable content and the products with hashtags )

These are the three top platforms, but there is one more which is getting more attraction, and for that method, there are many platforms.

And that is Podcast,

Literally, everyone is starting their Podcast and growing.

This is free for now as there is not that huge content able. So if you want an organic reach for your content or product or anything else, start a podcast.

This is my and the expert’s opinion.

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