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Easy Affiliate Marketing Strategy For Beginners

Affiliate marketing strategy for beginners to start with plus also know some best free traffic methods now.

These are some of the best methods which will easily be best for you to start with just you will have to be consistent to start getting some results.

Always remember you will get results slower but in the end, being consistent will lead you to get higher results in features easily.

So let’s know this step by step as I also personally do affiliate marketing and with low traffic also earned a good amount so I will be mostly adding all my experience only in this guide now.

Affiliate Marketing Strategy For Beginners

Let’s know In detail now.

Affiliate Marketing Strategy

So first let’s know which program to join to earn from affiliate marketing easily.

Which Affiliate Program To Join

So to earn more and easily with low-quality traffic then you should always join a high ticket affiliate program.

Just joining any high ticket affiliate program is also not all but the product should be also popular and useful for the buyers.

But on a low traffic, you are trying to promote this product which pays a commission of around $5 to $20 at the lowest will not be good.

This product can be your second choice if you want to add it.

But always go for a high ticket, there will be many products like those just you will have to find them.

Then the best part will be is that it should be digital as these products are the best category in affiliate marketing plus over here the refunds chance or cancellation chances are also less.

So just in simple and quick words just remember this.

  • High ticket product
  • Popular and useful product
  • Optional ( Digital Product )

Just remember these three points, by this your chances of earning will increase.

Many also say that numerous high ticket products and also popular and considerable big affiliate marketers are promoting them by investing money by running ads so.

So just provide quality content.

Plus learn how to place the link in the content.

Write Quality Content And Place Link

Over here you should first remember that provide quality content within detailed information.

Like if you are just solving all the questions of the buyers in one place in short answers.

Their douts will be cleared plus they can make some quick probabilities of buying it.

Just remember that you should not just write but also write in short on point with some graphics and animations I can say if you can.

It looks very interesting to read plus it does not bore plus readers get their main queries solved quickly and also know why that product is necessary and will be useful for them if they purchase.

Just don’t write for sake of writing a detailed article.

But you should also place links with clickable buttons and links in between after solving any queries in detail.

Like in one of my affiliate blog posts which were of a hosting provider Bluehost.

I write a detailed article with a help of a writer and I just added some key points in the beginning and added a clickable button just after it.

As this is working well for me.

Just check that out an article once I am not telling you to buy that hosting but just have a look as over there I had added detailed articles with best plans and best deals for my readers.

Over there I just not had added not many links but at the start of that article, I added some key points of that product just added some graphics work, and placed a clickable link in the button that’s it.

If you want you can also check my other articles where I had just added many different affiliate products with quick answers to their queries.

Not all of them are affiliate products.

As over there I had added some valuable products with my high ticket affiliate links in between.

Delivering value should be your main key in the end.

If there is a free option available add that also as it will be useful to your readers and they will stick with your content easily and purchase products from your suggestions easily.

So if a free product is best and work can be done add that as a bonus for them as they are getting something free first only before buying any product.

Know about that blog post now.

I added many products in this blog post as you can see some are free and paid.

Plus all are not affiliate products that are added.

As they are getting quality information plus the blog post will also not look like you are trying to promote just products to your readers.

Get Free Traffic Now

So over here you can easily get free traffic by tones of methods online from day one.

Just you will have to work hard to drive free traffic from various mediums and stick it for a longer time.

Then only you can drive free traffic or you can run ads or do SEO on your blog post and wait for results to come.

Since SEO takes a long time to see the traffic on your new blog and running ads is not easy for any new bloggers or affiliate marketers at the beginning only.

But if you start learning about SEO side by side and implement it on your affiliate products pages it is one of the best methods for you also to get huge traffic organic to those posts in features.

But let’s know some of the quick traffic methods now.

Quora Spaces

Over here if there are any quora spaces in your niche on quora then just join them and request to become a contributor or moderator over there.

By this, on quora spaces, you can just share some quick blog posts or affiliate products pages link on quora spaces and daily traffic from it.

This is the best method as many times those feeds get ranked in Google also in a few months only.

Over here you don’t need to write any lengthy answers just share some points and ad a link and eye-catching graphics in those quora spaces answers easily.

Facebook Groups

This is one of the best methods for every affiliate niches easily.

Over here you will find groups with huge followers for all kinds of the niche ( topics ) effortlessly.

Just you have to go and join those groups and share as much content over there you can.

The point which you have to member over here while promoting links on Facebook is that you will have to create many links for that affiliate products and share them over there.

Plus you should also maintain a time gap in between sharing around ten to fifteen links at a time.

By this, your links will not get listed in spammed by Facebook.

Or you can use some auto-link sharing free tools like many chats.

This is one of the best free tools which I use for Facebook and Instagram to automate my affiliate products links.

Over here you just have to create automation and add some easy keywords for the buyers.

Then you have to just share very catching images or graphics with those keywords in the post so they can text you on Facebook easily.

By this, you can share as many links as you can easily and your posts on Facebook will not get spammed.

I also personally do this the free plan of many chats comes with many limitations but its paid plan is also cheap and makes your work a lot easier for a beginner to use on any of these Facebook group chats easily.

So these are not just two methods but there are more that you can use to get traffic which I had added in one free PDF for my readers to start with.

Like you can use other methods like,

  • Pinterest
  • Quora Answers
  • YouTube Shorts
  • Reels

I had added a detailed guide for beginners to use this method by some of their key features online easily.

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