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About Me

Hello there, my name is Ajinkya, and I have started this website Digital AP Guide. Over here, I will be sharing with you my experience of how I got into blogging and started this as a full time business.

How I got into blogging

So back in 2019, I started learning about online earning methods. When I came to know about first blogging and affiliate marketing. Over there, I was first searching to start a blog by free methods.

Because before, I used to work on YouTube but never earned a single dollar from it. So I was a little bit scared to invest the amount in blogging.

So I started with Blogger, a prevalent platform where every new Blogger started back in 2019.

Because it was easy and we didn’t have to pay any amount. Still over here, if I used my personal domain, I could have gotten results. But I did not know anything about this.

First blog topics,

So I started a blog on freelancing and earning money from home where I write small blogs of 400 to 800 words, without any knowledge about SEO and content writing. Just use to write and upload it on Blogger.

Then I discovered that to be a successful blogger; you need hosting. So I started gathering the money for my hosting account. So I did a job as it was like an event for ten days in a mall. Where I got paid about $80.

Then I likewise require a little more amount to purchase the SEO tool and get my domain. I got it from Godaddy, which was for $2, I think, as they give you the first domain at a very cheap rate.

Then I got my domain, started a website. But before this, I wrote articles for my website as I wrote around 16 blogs in three months before running my website on any hosting.

Just because if I have written a blog from before, it would save my time, and I could then focus on building traffic. But nothing went as I thought.

Failed in blogging

Because I just learned how to write blogs and then create a wordpress siteā€”but not knowing anything about backlinks and driving free traffic. So after running the website on the hosting site for one year.

I did not make any amount. But I learned and grew my blog. At this time also started two more blogs but those where failed. And I have also stopped working on them and sold them by Godaddy only.

I started driving free traffic

But the blog which I started in the beginning.

It started generating revenue for me at the end of the year in November. I got my first checkout of about $333 from Adsense only, then $423, and then $503, which was just from Adsense.

But after my third payment, the traffic dropped and came to zero again. Then I thought that I have to build backlinks.

So I then started working again, and I was also driving free traffic from Quora, Facebook, And Pinterest, which helps to earn $300 to $400 a month.

But after learning and understanding how to make a blog as a business. I was earning a fair amount from it.

But it takes time to make those $400 or $500 a month into $5,000 a month. So it took time as the niche is completely different from this blog and cannot revel over here.

Work by your self first

But If you want to start a blog, you need to learn how to scale it as a business, I think nowadays. Writing a detailed blog and waiting for some organically or unique reader in promoting it for yourself is next to impossible nowadays. First, you will have to make that viral on the internet.

So for this, you should use a social account. Use all of them but focus on a single platform and grow it as your brand Identity, like Linkedin is the best for beginners. Like others, have a vast competition to grow your social account.

About Digital AP Guide

Over I have just started this blog to share my experience and want to start this blog completely organic as I have many blogs which are making me more than $2000 a month just by free methods.

But I always have to put a lot of time and effort into them. But organic is the method I will be using to make a blog earning for a longer time.
Because over there, if I stopped working on free traffic methods within a month, traffic will fall entirely. Which I don’t want.

Thank You

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